• Snake Plant
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    Propagation of Snake Plants

    Propagation of snake plants is easy as long as you let them callous over first to avoid the common issue of rot, and keep the cuttings right way up. Here’s our guide to Propagation of Snake Plants… Snake Plants aka dracaena trifasciata are really easy and quick to propagate, we run down various methods below. There are many types of snake plant, these methods will work for all of them. Some other types include sansevieria ‘black gold’ and sansevieria masoniana ‘whalefin’ which are really popular at the moment. See also: our snake plant category page, can snake plants live outside?, Succulent Soil, Whale Fin Plant, Snake Plant Care, Coral Cactus,…

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  • How Fast Does String Of Pearls Grow
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    How Fast Does String Of Pearls Grow?

    Introduction We run down all you need to now about how fast string of pearls (aka curio rowleyanus aka senecio rowleyanus) growth rate and reaching maturity. How Fast Does String Of Pearls Grow? String of pearls can grow up to an inch (2.5cm) a month, in the warmer months with the right care. They will grow quickly, considering they are succulents, especially in the spring and summer growing months, and if given the right care conditions. See also: String Of Pearls Propagation, String Of Pearls Care, How Often – Watering Succulents, Propagating Succulents In Water. Tip: we recommend Etsy for buying plants. Look for the best rated seller you can,…

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  • Cactus From Seed
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    Cactus From Seed

    Introduction Welcome to our guide to growing a cactus from seed. Growing plants from seeds all the way to mature plants is a very rewarding process, here we cover how to germinate cacti from seeds. How To Grow A Cactus From Seed To grow a cactus from seed follow these step by step instructions: See also: Succulent Propagation (with pictures). How Long Does It Take For Cactus Seed To Germinate? The seeds will germinate between two and four weeks if kept warm and moist. How Long Does It Take To Grow Cactus From Seed? The seeds will germinate well within the first month, then will grow slowly and by the…

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  • Propagating Succulents In Water
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    Propagating Succulents In Water

    Propagating Succulents In Water Summary In general propagating succulents in water is easy with leaf cuttings and beheadings, just make sure the cut is clean and the water is topped up regularly, then leave them in a bright and warm window sill for a month or two to root before . Introduction Can you really propagate succulents in water, they’re drought loving plants that can’t be true, right!? Well it actually is, and I find it a really easy way to get more plants, they look great in water in a vase showing off their roots as a table centerpiece too. There are two main ways to get succulent cuttings…

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  • String Of Pearls Propagation
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    String Of Pearls Propagation

    How To Propagate A String Of Pearls The key to String Of Pearls propagation is to not let the cuttings dry out as moisture encourages root growth. They can be propagated in a few ways, the easiest one is to trim off a string or two and lay them on top of some cactus and succulent compost and mist it once a day until they root… Introduction Welcome to our string of pearls propagation guide. String of pearls aka senecio rowleyanus are one of my favorite succulent plants, they propagate relatively easily, read on…. See also: String Of Pearls Care, Succulent Soil. String of Pearls Water Propagation You can propagate…

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