How Fast Does String Of Pearls Grow


We run down all you need to now about how fast string of pearls (aka curio rowleyanus aka senecio rowleyanus) growth rate and reaching maturity.

How Fast Does String Of Pearls Grow?

String of pearls can grow up to an inch (2.5cm) a month, in the warmer months with the right care. They will grow quickly, considering they are succulents, especially in the spring and summer growing months, and if given the right care conditions.

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How Long Does It Take For String Of Pearls To Bloom?

String of pearls can bloom for a month with small white flowers. They can flower once the plant reaches maturity after a year or so.

Why Is My String Of Pearls Growing So Slowly?

String of pearls grow slowly for a number of reasons:

  • it is cold and the plants growth has slowed, which is totally normal during the winter months.
  • the plant is root bound – if so, pot it up a size.
  • the plant does not get enough sunlight – move it closer the window.
  • general care: the plant needs to be healthy to grow, make sure you are providing all it’s care needs. See our String Of Pearls Care Guide for more on how to get the best out of it.

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How Do You Make String Of Pearls Grow Thicker?

You can make a string of pearls thicker by cutting off the leggy stems, propagating them, and adding them back in to the main plant. This gets rid of the leggy stems and replaces them with much more smaller growths from the top which will make the plant more bushy. For more on string of pearls propagation see our guide: String Of Pearls Propagation.

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How Fast Does String Of Pearls Grow