How Fast Does Hoya Grow
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How Fast Does Hoya Grow?

All you need to know about how fast hoyas grow and other related questions related to growth and blooming…

How Fast Does Hoya Grow?

Hoyas can be really slow growers. I’ve found they tend to slow down even more when repotting, or if I buy a new one, it tends to not grow for a few months. They seem to get a bit shocked and stop growing when they go through a big change like repotting. So don’t worry if your hoya is not growing after buying it, you just need to give it time.

Regarding flowering, hoya take anywhere from 2 to 7 years to reach maturity, and that is normally when they will first bloom.

You can speed up the growth by giving it the ideal growing conditions, especially a lot of indirect sunlight.

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Fast Growing Hoya Varieties

The rule of thumb is the more green and less variegation, the quicker the hoya will grow.

Here is a list of quick growing hoyas:

  • Hoya Pubicalyx
  • Hoya Carnosa
  • Hoya Bella
  • Hoya Carnosa
  • Hoya Mathilde
  • Hoya Krimson Princess
  • Hoya Ovobata

Can You Propagate Hoya In Water?

You can root hoya cutting in water, then move them to soil once the roots start to establish.

See also: Hoya Propagation.

How Long Does It Take A Hoya To Root In Water?

It can take about 4 to 8 weeks for a hoya cutting to root in water.

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How Fast Does Hoya Kerrii Grow?

If you bought just a one leaf cutting, there is a chance it will not grow at all. It may never produce new shoots.

See also Propagate Hoya Kerrii.

How Fast Does Hoya Compacta Grow?

Hoya compactas grow really slowly, you may not see new growth for weeks or even months at a time. Don’t worry if it’s not visibly growing, as long as it looks healthy.

How Fast Does Hoya Obovata Grow?

Hoya obvatas tend to grow in spurts, sometimes putting out a lot of new leaves in a short space of time and other times seemingly going dormant for a month. Be patient with this plant!

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How Fast Does Hoya Grow?
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