Hoya Heuschkeliana
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Hoya Heuschkeliana

If you want a simple, thorough guide to the the hoya heuschkeliana and the hoya heuschkeliana variegated you’ve come to the right place. The key to good care is to remember it’s epiphyte, we’ll go into further detail below…

Hoya Heuschkeliana Summary

Light needs:Medium to bright indirect sunlight.
Watering needs:Check soil once a week and only water if dry.
Fertilizer:Balanced fertilizer once a month in the growing months
Soil:Equal parts soil, perlite and orchid bark. Very well draining.
Temperature:15-28°C (59-82°F).
Where to buy:Try our list of Rare Plant Shops.
Common issues:Root rot from overwatering.


Welcome to our guide to hoya heuschkeliana care. These are small-leaved trailing epiphytic hoyas, they grow fairly easily, you just need to make sure they’re in a well draining orchid mix as it lives in tree bark in the wild and not soil, so you must be careful not to let the roots sit in soggy dirt!

Hoya Heuschkeliana Light Needs

Hoyas like the light range from medium to bright indirect sunlight.

How Often to Water

This is an epiphytic plant, it grows up in trees in bark in the wild, not in soil, so let it dry out fully between watering. They really do not like to sit in wet soil. Check the soil once a week in winter, and twice in summer.


Use a balanced fertilizer once a month in the growing months to encourage growth.


Make sure your hoya heuschkeliana is in a very well draining medium, equal parts soil, perlite and orchid bark will be great, as these epiphytic plants need a lot of drainage.

When To Repot

Repot once a year in spring to refresh the soil. The roots will not outgrow the pot very often, but it is a good idea to give the plants new soil for nutrients.

Hoya Heuschkeliana Humidity

They will grow in most household humidity levels, but will do best at 60% or over when it will grow fastest.


15-28°C (59-82°F) is ideal, do not let them get cold at night and in the winter, so 10°C or 50°F as a minimum temperature.

Hoya Heuschkeliana Variegata

The hoya heuschkeliana variegata is a variegated version of the climbing and trailing hoya heuschkeliana. It grows in the same way, except it has really light green patches in the center of the leaf, making it a stunningly elegant looking plant. It needs similar care instructions, just be careful that the leaves do not get direct sunlight as they are slightly more sensitive due to the variegation.

Where To Buy

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FAQs and Common Problems

Common issues with the hoya heuschkeliana are overwatering, they need to drain, even more so than cacti and succulents. You must not let these plants sit in wet soil give them a very well draining mix with plenty of orchid bark to recreate their natural environment as much as possible.

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Hoya Heuschkeliana
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