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Hoya Soil


Hoyas grow on trees in the wild, they are epiphytic. This means they naturally like to grow and root in bits of bark but will not do well in heavy wet soil, they are not suited to it. They must have a bark based medium that does not et the roots sit in water logged soil and allows them to get plenty of oxygen to them too. We run down all you need to know about hoya soil…

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DIY Hoya Soil Mix Recipe

This is a really easy hoya mix…

The recipe:

Mix the parts very well and you’re good to plant your hoyas in it.

Best Hoya Soil To Buy

For an out the box solution, your best bet is to buy a premium hoya mix for Etsy.

Hoya Soil pH

Aim for pH 6 soil for a hoya.

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Hoya Soil

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