Succulent Soil
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Succulent Soil


Succulents want a dry, really well draining coarse potting mix that allow water to pass through the mix. They hate to sit in water logged roots.

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DIY Succulent Soil Mix

This is a great DIY succulent mix and one of the cheapest ways to make succulent soil.

What you need to buy: a standard potting compost, coarse sand, and perlite.

Mix them in this ratio:

  • 50% normal potting compost
  • 30% coarse sand
  • 20% perlite

Firstly you want to remove as many lumps as possible from the potting compost, sift it if you can. If not, pull out any lumps you can find and crush them with your hands. If you don’t do this you could get lumps that hold on to water in your soil, so do it well. Then mix the ingredients…

It is best to use a bin or tub that is 50% bigger than the volume of soil, so you have plenty of room to mix it. You can pour the mix from one bin to another repeatedly to get good mix. When it is well combined you can bag the new succulent mix and it is ready to use.

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Best Succulent Soil On Amazon

If you’re looking to buy one off the shelf, Black Gold and Miracle Gro do good succulent soils to order from Amazon.

Succulent Soil pH

Aim for a pH between 5 and 7.

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Succulent Soil
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