Crassula Perforata
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Crassula Perforata (String Of Buttons)

Crassula Perforata Summary

Crassula perforata or string of buttons is an easy to care for succulent that likes bright indirect sunlight (and can tolerate some direct). They like to dry out between waterings and live in a well draining cactus and succulent compost.

Crassula Perforata (String Of Buttons) Care Summary

Light needs:Plenty of indirect sunlight, can be accustomed to some direct sunlight too.
Watering needs:Water when the soil is dry, check it once a week.
Fertilizer: They will be fine without fertilizer. Use a cactus and succulent feed.
Soil:A well draining cactus and succulent compost.
Humidity:Does not need any special humidity requirements.
Temperature:Normal household temperatures.
Where to buy:Try our list of Rare Plant Shops.
Other names:Necklace plant, pagoda plant.
Common issues:Over watering.


Crassula perforata aka string of buttons, originally from South Africa, they are one of my favorite succulents with their flower-like leafy growth. We have a few different ones in our home including outside on the terrace in the summer, as they can become accustomed to direct sunlight too.

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Light Needs

Your string of buttons like plenty of light, they will like a bright window sill. You can even put them outside, but they need time to get used to direct sunlight and might burn at first, so put them in some partial shade to start with if you put them outside.

How Often to Water

Water your c perforata when the soil is dry. I go to water mine once a week, but do not water it if the soil is wet at all. This will mean watering every 2 or 3 weeks in the summer and much less in winter.


You can use a succulent and cactus fertilizer once a month in the summer to speed up growth slightly, but you do not need to feed these succulents, they will be fine without fertilizer. Use a cactus and succulent feed if you do want to encourage growth.

Crassula Perforata


You need a well draining cactus and succulent compost for crassula perforatas, they like well draining soil that can dry out between watering, which will help to prevent root rot too.

For more on which cactus and succulent compost to buy or how to make you own, see our guide: Succulent Soil.

When To Repot

They grow relatively slowly and will not outgrow their pots in a hurry, but if they do become root bound, then pot them up a size in spring.


Crassulas do not need any special humidity requirements, they’ll do well in humid or dry households.


Normal household temperatures are great for these succulents, just don’t let them get below 10°C or 50°F in winter.

Where To Buy A Crassula Perforata

These amazing succulents are not expensive, you see them in local garden centers in the cactus section a lot. If you cannot find any locally try Etsy.

Other Names for Crassula Perforata

Necklace plant, pagoda plant.

Crassula Perforata Propagation

The easiest way to propagate a crassula perforata is by beheading, where you cut the top off a stalk and then plant it in soil to root. Take the leaves from the bottom half of the cutting gently with your thumb and finger. You can get faster more successful propagations if you put the cuttings in wet sphagnum moss instead of soil, but soil is ok if it is all you have. Then put the cutting in warm and bright window and keep it moist but not really wet and it should root in about 8 weeks, then you can pot it up.

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Crassula Perforata

Crassula Perforata FAQs and Common Problems

The main problems with crassula perforatas are over watering – make sure they site in a well draining cactus and succulent compost and only water them when they are totally dry.

Do String Of Buttons Flower?

Yes like all crassula they can produce small flowers in spring and summer. They do not always bloom, so do not worry if they don’t.

Is String Of Buttons Poisonous To Cats?

Crassula are poisonous to cats, seek vets advice if ingested.

String Of Buttons Vs Baby Necklace?

String of buttons and baby necklace are both names for the same plant – the crassula perforata.

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Hope you found our guide to Crassula perforata useful, they are one of my best loved succulents.

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