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  • Syngonium Albo Soil
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    Best Soil For Syngonium Plants – How To Mix Guide

    Welcome to our guide to the best soil for syngonium (aka arrowhead plant aka syngonium podophyllum), whether you want an off the shelf soil, or you want to mix your own, I cover all you need to know… Introduction I have loads of syngoniums and I mix my own soil for them. They’re really easy to care for, and they love an airy, well draining chunky mix full of organic matter and drainage material. Also know as the arrowhead houseplant or syngonium podophyllum, these are amazing tropical plants from South America and easy to look after as indoor plants. I’ll run through all you need to know to about a…

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  • Best Online Plant Shops UK
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    Best Online Plant Shops UK

    Welcome to our guide to the best online plant shops in the UK. We cover a lot of different types of plants shops, some online-only, some that are specialists, some that sell very rare plants and some that sell the more popular-but-never-the-less-awesome plants(!). We’re basically covering online stores that sell houseplants for people that like houseplants. Smaller / specialist / boutique rare plant shops Here’s a quick run down of some of the better smaller or more boutique stores we’ve found, some of them are run by just one or two specialist collectors. They are worth checking often as their stock changes frequently and they get in plants that bigger…

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  • Philodendron Soil
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    Philodendron Soil

    Introduction Welcome to our guide to make or buying a philodendron soil mix… Philodendrons like a loose, airy and well draining soil mix, they can get root rot easily and do not want to get waterlogged. Using a standard mix is not ideal for them but the good news is that it is easy to mix your own. They want the soil to be rich enough in organic matter, but what also they want a chunky mix to allow air roots. It’s really important too that the mix is well draining to avoid that common issues of root rot by giving them a soil that does not hold on to…

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  • Anthurium Soil
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    Anthurium Soil

    Introduction We’ll run through all you need to know to about anthuriums soil, whether mixing your own or buying the right soil mix for your anthuriums. In general they like a loose, light, course and well draining soil based mix. You want to try to replicate their natural environment as much as possible, they are epiphytic or hemiepiphytic (they grow on on trees and root in their bark at least for part of their life cycle), so they do not want to sit heavy wet soil, but a light and loose and chunky growing medium that allows air to the roots is essential, and preferably has plenty of composting organic…

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  • Monstera Trellis
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    Monstera Trellis

    Monsteras sprawl out in their natural environment on the forest floor and sometimes grow up trees. So once they reach a certain size you many need to help your monstera climbing up a moss pole or trellis to keep it upright and tidy, as well as support it. See also: Monstera Adansonii Variegated, Monstera Soil, Monstera Deliciosa Care, Monstera Standleyana, Monstera Acacoyaguensis, Monstera Siltepecana, Monstera Subpinnata Care, Variegated Monstera (Category). Tip: we recommend Etsy for buying plants. Look for the best rated seller you can, and try to buy as close to your home as possible so the plant does not travel too far. A note about affiliate links: when…

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  • Hoya Soil
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    Hoya Soil

    Introduction Hoyas grow on trees in the wild, they are epiphytic. This means they naturally like to grow and root in bits of bark but will not do well in heavy wet soil, they are not suited to it. They must have a bark based medium that does not et the roots sit in water logged soil and allows them to get plenty of oxygen to them too. We run down all you need to know about hoya soil… See also: Hoya Lacunosa, Hoya Curtisii, Hoya Compacta Care, Hoya Sunrise, Hoya Chelsea, Hoya Polyneura, Hoya Fungii, Hoya Krohniana, Anthurium Soil, Alocasia Soil, Monstera Soil, Philodendron Soil, Succulent Soil, Syngonium Soil.…

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