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5 Easy To Care For House Plants


We all want easy to care for house plants that require basically no care and look stunning! Well look no further, we run down five of the best that are super easy to look after and almost impossible to kill (well, just don’t overwater them!)

Rubber Plant

There are loads of varieties of rubber plants and they are tough, beautiful and forgiving when it comes to care needs. They will do well in most rooms with a window with any light at all coming into it, from low light areas all the way through to direct sunlight (you will need to slowly give them more sunlight over time to get the used to direct sunlight in small quantities at first).

The one pictured below is one of mine it grows just fine in a jar of tap water.

For more on these great plants see our guide Rubber Plant Care and Rubber Plant Propagation.

Easy To Care For House Plants - Rubber Plant

ZZ Plant

This is one easy going guy! The Zz plant is a non-fussy plant that is easy to care for and propagate. It can grow in low light areas and will not cry if you underwater it occasionally. My personal favorite is the darker ‘raven zz’.

See our guides Zz Plant Care and Zz Plant Propagation for more info.

Zz Plant

English Ivy

English ivy is awesome! The picture below is my plant, this is one of my favorites, despite being really popular and everyone has one! It is so tough and hardy and sits up on the top of a shelf and I hardly do anything to it except water it occasionally.

For more on this beauty see our guide to English Ivy Care.

English Ivy

Snake Plant

Regular readers of this blog will know I love snake plants and they feature in just about every list post! My favorite is the moonlight snake plant. They are so easy to care for and it is often said about them that they thrive the more you ignore them. They will handle low light and very bright light and all in between as well as forgiving you for forgetting to water them too!

For more on these see Snake Plant Care and Propagation of Snake Plants.

Easy To Care For House Plants - Snake Plant


Pothos are some tough mofo’s and will be fine with a bit of neglect even. As long as you have one like a jade or golden pothos they will tolerate irregular watering schedules and low light conditions too. They are really easy to propagate and so even if you kill one, you’ll still have plenty!

For more on these great plants see our guides to Pothos Plant Care and Pothos Propagation.

Easy To Care For House Plants - Pothos

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