Zz Plant Propagation

Zz Plant Propagation

How to Propagate Zz Plant, Summary:

You can propagate zz plants very easily by division, stem cuttings or even leaf cuttings in water, soil and sphagnum moss…


Zz plants are one of my favorite houseplants, especially the dark purple, almost black ‘raven’ zz plant. Zz plants in general are now very common houseplants, their foliage grows from vertical stems making them an elegant plant with with a small footprint. And the good news is that they propagate really easily, they can even be propagated by a taking a single leaf and growing it in water into a new plant. Just be aware the roots do take a few weeks or even months to grow, so patience is key here. We’ll go into detail on each method below…

Zz Plant Propagation By Division

Division is the fastest method to propagate a zz plant, as the plant, it’s branches and roots are already established and so you do not need to wait for root growth (which can take two months with the other methods of propagation), you already have a complete plant and root system ready to go!

You need to divide the zz plants at the rhizome – this is the tuber-like big root that the stems and roots grow from. You want to get a section of this rhizome which has some stems and roots on it and divide it from the rest of the plant to make your new plant. Take the plant out of it’s soil and find a small section of the rhizome with it’s own stems and roots, then break it free using your hands. Be as careful as possible not to damage roots, but you will have to break the rhizome to separate it, just do it carefully. Then plant it up in it’s own soil and it is ready to go!

See our Zz Plant Care article for more info on how to look after your zz plants.

Zz Plant Leaf Cutting

Yes, it’s true, you can just take a leaf cutting with a zz plant, off and put them in water. Put them in a narrow glass so it keeps the leaves upright, with the bottoms down. A shot glass is great for this. And put an inch or a couple of cms of water in it, and in 2 months or they should have rooted well. Then you can pot them up in their own pot.

You need some patience when rooting zz plant cuttings as the growth is slow and steady, just make sure that the water does not get cloudy as this can cause rot – top it up or change it if needed.

Zz Plant Propagation In Water

You can take stem cuttings of zz plants – just one section with leaves will be enough to root in water. Leave them for up to 2 months in water and keep it topped up and they should develop healthy root systems.

Zz Plant Propagation In Soil

To propagate in soil, just take a stem cutting with at least 2 leaves on it and plant it up in soil to root. It should take about 2 months for the roots to establish and you’ll then see more rapid growth of the stem and more leaves appearing as the plant grows normally.

Zz Plant Propagation With Sphagnum

You can use sphagnum moss to propagate zz plants, I have found this the quickest way to root the plants, and it also leads to stronger roots. You need to soak some sphagnum moss and fill a container with it, a see through container is best so you can see the root growth. Then plant the cuttings in the moss. I keep it moist and also put it in a warm and sunny spot (or put it under a grow light if you have one).


Hope you found this useful, zz plant propagation is easy, especially if you are using just water propagation. For more info on on care for your plant see our Zz Plant Care article. You might also like our articles Water Propagation, Propagating Succulents In Water, and How To Propagate Philodendron.

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