• String of Nickels
    List,  Succulents and Cacti

    5 Hanging Succulents

    Introduction Hanging succulents are easy to care for plants that look great on shelves with their trailing foliage. In general they are not fussy with very little care requirements and often are easy to propagate to. Here we’ll run down some of our favorites. String Of Hearts I have a few strings of hearts around my flat, they are so beautiful, the way the leaves grow from the really slender stems is captivating. Put one a shelf and let it trails down and it will demand all the attention in the room! For more on these see our article on String Of Hearts. Burros Tail Probably the most popular sedum,…

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  • Crassula Ovata Gollum

    5 Stunning Succulents

    Introduction We all need more succulents in our lives! I run down five stunning succulents that will stand out and command attention in any space. Sansevieria Moonshine A rarer sansevieria, the moon shine is first on our list, as it’s coloration really steals the show. For more on sansevieria see our guide to Snake Plant Care (Dracaena Trifasciata). You also mist like to take a look at our guide to Succulent Propagation. Burros Tail A stunning sedum, the burro’s tail is really popular and common place, but no less stunning, especially when it matures and grows large with loads of trailing ‘tails’. See our guide to Donkey’s Tail Succulent for…

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  • Sansevieria Moonshine

    5 Low Light Plants

    Introduction So, what plants do very well in low light? We run down some of our favorite plants that look good and grow well in low light areas of your home. In general there are a few issues with low light plants but they can often be overcome. They tend to they flower less and sometimes become ‘leggy’ due to slow growth in lower light areas as they get less energy. Both of these issues can be remedied easily by having a two plants of the the same type, one in a brighter part of your home, and one darker, and then changing them round when you water them so…

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  • English Ivy

    5 Easy To Care For House Plants

    Introduction We all want easy to care for house plants that require basically no care and look stunning! Well look no further, we run down five of the best that are super easy to look after and almost impossible to kill (well, just don’t overwater them!) Rubber Plant There are loads of varieties of rubber plants and they are tough, beautiful and forgiving when it comes to care needs. They will do well in most rooms with a window with any light at all coming into it, from low light areas all the way through to direct sunlight (you will need to slowly give them more sunlight over time to…

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  • String-Of-Nickels

    5 Fabulous Indoor Vines And Climbing Plants

    Introduction Welcome to our list of 5 fabulous indoor vines and climbing plants that look great climbing up moss poles or even allowed to spread out horizontally, these are some of the best… Cebu Blue The cebu blue is a stunning silvery-blue-leafed trailing plant that, when it matures, gets split leaves like a monstera. Put in pride of place in your home and everyone who comes round will ask you about this plant, trust me! For more on this plant see Cebu Blue Pothos. String Of Nickels The string of nickels aka dischidia imbricata is an epiphiytic beauty with odd irregular vines that grow downwards. They grow up in trees…

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  • Hoya Carnosa

    5 Awesome Hanging Plants

    Introduction We run down five awesome hanging plants. Some of our favorite long trailing plants that look great in hanging baskets. Hoya Carnosa We kick off our list with the stunning epiphytic trailing hoya: the carnosa.  When it flowers it produces small half-dome porcelain-like, hence it’s nickname ‘porcelain flower’. This is an absolute beauty! For more on this see our guide: Hoya Carnosa. String Of Pearls There’s some great hanging succulents about and the string of pearls is one of the best in my opinion, it looks super elegant with it’s strings hanging down over the edge. For more on it, see our guide here: String Of Pearls Care. Hoya…

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  • Orchid

    5 Flowering Indoor Plants

    Introduction Welcome to our list of five flowering indoor plants that will bring color to you home throughout the year. Red Lace Anthurium I love my anthuriums, they can flower year round sometimes and provide a bright red splash of color to the living room. We wrote a guide on them here: Anthurium Care. Peace Lily Spathiphyllums are a brilliant white flowering plant, that really easy to come by and cheap too. They are great houseplants, more on them here: Peace Lily Care. Bromeliad Bromeliads can bloom year round and blooms last for months sometimes. They’re small plants and really pack a punch with their big and bright flowers. Orchid…

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  • Airplants

    5 Awesome Airplants

    Introduction to Airplants Airplants aka tillandsia are weird but beautiful little plants that a actually related to bromeliads. In their native habitat they grow on tree bark and not in soil. If you haven’t had one before they can seem a but too weird! But fear not they are great looking plants and easy to care for too. Tillandsia Cacticola The cacticola is a relatively rare airplant with long stems that curl outwards. You can really see from this airplant that it is a related to the bromeliad. Tillandsia Bergeri The bergeri comes from Argentina originally and is known for the clumps it forms – multiple plants form into a…

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  • Echeveria
    List,  Succulents and Cacti

    5 Low Light Succulents

    Introduction It often surprises people that the normally sun loving succulents can do well in low light areas of your home. But many, although preferring a lot of light, are tough and will do well and look great in shadier areas. Just make sure that you let them dry out before watering again, as they will need much less water if they get less light. Echeveria Soooo popular, and for good reason, Echeveria are a beautiful succulent with their flower-like rosette shape. They can do well in medium and low light places, a swell as tolerating a lot of sunlight too. They can become leggy if in very low light…

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  • Gifts For Plant Lovers
    Buying Guide,  List

    5 Gifts For Plant Lovers

    Introduction Welcome to our list of 5 gifts for plant lovers… What is a good gift for people that like plants? We run down the best accessories here that they may not have, from water misters through to books and plant stands. If anyone who knows me is reading this, this is a big hint: get me the brass spritzer please! Haws Brass Smethwick Spritzer We’ve all got that friend that is going round misting their plants with an old plastic spray bottle! Get them this classically designed brass mister, they come in a few different colours, and look amazing. Available here. Angus And Celeste Self Watering Pot This pot…

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