• Best Online Plant Shops UK
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    Best Online Plant Shops UK

    Welcome to our guide to the best online plant shops in the UK. We cover a lot of different types of plants shops, some online-only, some that are specialists, some that sell very rare plants and some that sell the more popular-but-never-the-less-awesome plants(!). We’re basically covering online stores that sell houseplants for people that like houseplants. Smaller / specialist / boutique rare plant shops Here’s a quick run down of some of the better smaller or more boutique stores we’ve found, some of them are run by just one or two specialist collectors. They are worth checking often as their stock changes frequently and they get in plants that bigger…

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  • English Ivy

    5 Easy To Care For House Plants

    Introduction We all want easy to care for house plants that require basically no care and look stunning! Well look no further, we run down five of the best that are super easy to look after and almost impossible to kill (well, just don’t overwater them!) Rubber Plant There are loads of varieties of rubber plants and they are tough, beautiful and forgiving when it comes to care needs. They will do well in most rooms with a window with any light at all coming into it, from low light areas all the way through to direct sunlight (you will need to slowly give them more sunlight over time to…

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  • Philodendrons
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    5 Fave Philodendrons

    Introduction We get asked a lot about Philodendrons, as they have become really popular recently. Some of them go for a lot of money now as the demand has increased, here we’ll feature some of the more reasonably priced ones alongside some of the rarer plants. Philodendron Brasil We’ll start with an absolute charmer, the brasil, with its yellowy green variegation, and one that is really easy to care for and cheap too. It is a great way to get started with philodendrons. For more on this plant see our guide to Philodendron Brasil Care. Philodendron Birkin Another variegated philodendron that is both easy to look after and cheap. The…

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  • Calathea Types
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    5 Types Of Calathea You Need In Your Life

    Welcome to our article on 5 types of calathea you need in your life! Calatheas are leafy tropical houseplants that come in many different varieties, some with coloured stipes and dots, and others with patterned white and pink variegations. Their leaves vary in shape too. They are relatively cheap compared to the much hyped monsteras and philodendrons which fetch much higher prices today. Here we run down five types of calathea varieties we love… Calathea Triostar The calathea triostar is known for it´s thin green, white and pink thin leaves that form in star shape out from the center. This is a real stunner, and it is cheap too, small…

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