About Me!

I started this rare houseplant blog very early in January 2021, with the idea to a cover indoor houseplant care and propagation. I live with my wife, two sons and lots of plants in a home near Barcelona in Spain.

After moving house 4 years ago and filling it with plants I developed a love for them as well as their application in interior design and the way they change a space and make it a home.

I enjoy buying plants and decorating with them, I prefer easy to care / low maintenance plants that are pleasing to the eye, but not too fussy! I find myself drawn to aroids.

I am constantly learning and want to consolidate all I know here on this blog. Please give feedback or any tips and feel free to contact with any issues you have with plants too and I’ll do my best… [email protected]

Outside of family and plants I really like listening to electronic music, drinking coffee, eating curry, paddle-boarding and running.

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