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Rare Plant Shops

Welcome to our guide to the best rare plant shops…

Here’s a rundown of some of the best rare plant shops we know. Many of them include a large selection of very rare houseplants for sale, including many aroids and variegated specimens.

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Where Can I Buy Rare Houseplants Online?

In general there are many small and big rare plant shops with stores on Ebay and Etsy as well as individual sellers, so keep an eye on there. I would head there as a first port of call to find rare houseplants for sale.

Tip: If buying from Etsy use the local filters to buy from your region or country, plants do not like to travel too much!

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Where to buy houseplants in Europe

plnts.com – An online rare plant shop based in the Netherlands. I would recommended plnts.com as I’ve bought from them before and they came very quickly and well packaged. The packing was brilliantly branded too. They do small plant sizes for cheaper too.

bestbuds.be – a tropical plant shop based in Belgium. I’ve bought from them before and been really happy the plants came quickly and were really good size and quality.

thecoolplantshop.it – Rome based rare plant shop. I’ve bought some great plants from here before, they were large for the price and arrived well packed.

bens-jungle.com – a really good online shop based in Germany, they often have some things other shops don’t.

bestbuds.be – a tropical plant shop based in Belgium. I’ve bought from them before and been really happy the plants came quickly and were really good size and quality.

growjungle.nl – good collection of variegated plants, hoyas and philodendrons.

plantcircle.co – A rare plant shop based in Germany (Berlin) with a great selection of current in-demand houseplants.

araflora.de – A Germany based shop with a huge selection, lots of plants. Site is quite old skool, I like it though!

foliage-factory.com – a great site for modern, currently fashionable plants. A really well curated selection. Based in Germany.

houseplantfactory.com – German based site with some really rare plants, some variegated too, plus some calatheas and alocasias.

palmenmann.de – huge site, with some nice modern houseplants too.

hopelessbotanics.ie – Irish site with a good selection in stock.

whattheflower.shop – based in France, plenty of philodendrons and syngoniums.

plantebiks.dk – based in Copenhagen selling anthuriums, rare monsteras, hoyas and philodendrons.

happyplantday.com – a Danish site with a small but good selection of rare plants.

plantlovers.eu – Belgian based store with rare philodendrons and other aroids.

kisegreens.com – loads of rare and more common philodendrons and some rare monsteras. Based in Belgium.

casa-botanica.com – rare hoyas and plenty of variegated aroids.

plantthatplant.com – Swedish store selling rare anthuriums, philodendrons and the like.

plantastic-shop.de – German site with some great rare plants in small runs.

kekjekkie.nl – A Dutch site with an extensive collection of hoyas and rare aroids.

foliagedreams.com – a Frankfurt based seller with loads of rare aroids in their online store. Big selections of anthuriums, philodendrons and more.

harmony-plants.com – philodendrons, anthuriums, syngoniums and more, shipped from Germany.

plantys.de – a large Berlin based rare plant seller. Lots of stock.

Rare Plant Shops

Tip: always check the prices on multiple sites, including Etsy and local online market places, as they can vary wildly, with some bargains to be found.

Where to buy houseplants in the UK

At the time of writing transport is difficult between UK and the rest of Europe, so I am listing these separately.

prickldn.com – London based cactus specialist, they sell some quality clay pots too.

scandiscapes.com – a nice selection including some albo hoyas and a few philodendrons.

therareplantshop.co.uk – Anthuriums and plants popular amongst collectors.

thegingerjungle.com – a great selection of popular and rare houseplants.

turn-it-tropical.co.uk – banana plants, aroids, ferns and many more. Lots to choose from.

growurban.uk – Edinburgh base high-end plant shop.

spiderplantshop.co.uk – unusual and rare houseplants. I like their selection.

spiralis.co.uk – great selection of plants, with some deals on smaller plants.

easterntropicals.uk – rare aroid seller based in Norwich

edenmcr.com – a ton of rare aroids in stock, based in Manchester, U.K.

growtropicals.com – Leeds based store. As well as full size and expensive rare aroids, they stock a smaller cheaper selection of baby plants.

perkyplants.co.uk – anthuriums, philodendrons and other good rare finds.

rocknrolljungle.co.uk – rare aroids, some cheaper options sold as cuttings.

Where to buy houseplants in North America

ecuagenera.com – serious exports from Ecuador.

trofolia.com – a great selection including variegated plants, monsteras, syngoniums, hoyas , philodendrons etc.

bloomscape.com – huge online shop and blog with a lot of popular houseplants.

nsetropicals.com – tropical plant seller. They have regular sales too, so keep an eye out.

stevesleaves.com – loads of popular and rare plants, very well priced.

kensphilodendrons.com – loads of philodendrons, anthuriums, and a good stock of rare plants.

gardengoodsdirect.com – massive online seller, they have everything!

Where Can I Buy Inexpensive House Plants?

A few shops do smaller plants, (for example plnts.com). You can buy semi-rare plants in a smaller size, but much cheaper, which is a great way to develop your collection if you are happy to start small. You can also try Etsy.


Hope you found this useful, please send us any stores that you recommend so we can add them here.

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