How To Root A Philodendron
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How To Root A Philodendron

Welcome to our guide to how to root a philodendron, plus plenty of propagation tips for this popular plant type…

How To Root A Philodendron

The best way to root a philodendron is to take a cutting that includes at least one node and one leaf. Then let the cutting callous over for two hours so that the wound heals. This reduces the chance of rot at the point you cut the plant and the cutting. Then put the cutting in moist sphagnum moss to root.

You can also root the plant in water or soil, but I have found much more success with moss. If you use moss you get less rot than you do with soil, and you can see the roots if you use a clear container. The plant also develops mainly ‘soil roots’ in moss, and not water roots, so it is less likely to get shocked when transferring to soil. With moss you also get air to the roots too and in my experience rooting is a lot quicker. Moss for the win!

If you want to use soil or water that is fine, you can, and the instructions above and below are relevant for moss, soil and water prop.

You can put the cutting in a warm place, but out of direct sunlight to encourage root growth. High humidity is ideal but you should also watch out for rot that can come with it, so I would put the cutting in it’s container inside a clear bigger plastic box or bag. Leave a small hole for the air to come in and out, and open it once a day and let new air in and check it is still moist. This reduces the chance of rot.

The plant should root in a month or so. Then when it produces new leaf or stem growth you can pot it up into soil and treat it as a juvenile plant.

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Can Philodendron Be Rooted In Water?

You can root a philodendron in water. Just take a cutting with a node and a leaf. Let it callous over until the wound seals (about two or three hours). Then put it in a jar of filtered tap water. The roots will grow fairly quickly. And in a month or so you will see healthy roots and you can then pot it up in soil.

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How Long Does It Take For Philodendron To Root In Water?

A philodendron can start to root in a week or two, and in 4-6 weeks you’ll have a developed root system to pot up into soil

How Do You Propagate Philodendron With Air Roots?

Propagating a philodendron with air roots or aerial roots is the same as normal propagation, except that it will have roots already formed: you take a cutting with a node and at least one leaf and then put it soil/moss/water/leca to root.

Can I Plant Philodendron Cuttings In Soil?

You can root philodendrons directly in soil, but I would start them in sphagnum moss or water first for a higher success rate. If you do go straight to soil, then let the wound from the cutting heal for a few hours before putting it in soil so that it does not rot as easily.

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Do Philodendrons Grow Better In Water Or Soil?

Philodendrons can grow in water, or leca/moss without soil, but they may need some hydroponic fertilizer to give them the nutrients they would otherwise get from the soil, or they may grow slower.

With non-soil mediums you have the advantage of less pests, as many pests live in or are attracted to the soil.

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Can You Propagate Philodendron Without A Node?

Philodendrons cannot be grown from cuttings without a node, so you will need at least one node to be successful.

How Long Do Philodendron Cuttings Take To Root In Soil?

Philodendron cuttings in soil can take anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks to start to root in soil, and up to 2 months to develop proper root systems. One month is normal.

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How To Root A Philodendron
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