Do Hoya Like Humidity

Do Hoya Like Humidity?

We cover answers to frequently questions about hoya and humidity and how to give your plant the ideal conditions…

Do Hoya Like Humidity?

Hoyas like humidity and will thrive if given 60%, as long as their other basic needs are met too. They will grow quicker in optimal conditions. However they will be fine in lower humidity areas of your home, and can grow just fine down to 40%.

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What Humidity Do Hoyas Need?

60% is ideal, in any case aim for 50% or more. This is above some households, so the best thing to do is get a humidity meter and keep an eye on it, then make a pebble tray or get a humidifier to increase the ambient humidity if needed.

Do Hoyas Like To Be Misted?

Hoya’s like to be humid, and misting them can help to up the humidity around the plant. It is better to provide humidity with evaporated water from a pebble tray, or a humidifier as the leaves do not get as wet but they still benefit from the humidity.

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Do Hoyas Like To Stay Moist?

Hoyas do not like to stay moist, they grow in tree bark in the wild and not in soil, so heavy wet soil can give them root rot easily. Let them dry out between watering, and keep them in a very well draining potting medium.

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What Conditions Do Hoyas Like?

Humidity and a well draining potting mix is the best combination, and they are definitely a plant to underwater than over water.

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Hoya Leaves Soft And Wrinkled

Hoyas can get wrinkled leaves from over watering, as they do not like to sit in water. It will quickly turn the leaves soft and wrinkly, and can lead to rot too. Keep your plant in a very well draining hoya mix, something like cactus soil and orchid bark will do well.

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Do Hoya Like Humidity?

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