How Long Do Pothos Live
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How Long Do Pothos Live?

Pothos look great and are tolerant of almost all home and office environments, making them really popular. We cover all you need to know about how long pothos live.

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How Long Do Pothos Live?

Pothos can live up to 10 years old. The thing is that they grow so many new stems that if one of the older ones dies back, they will be replaced by new growth, so in this respect you may never notice and a plant will seem to live forever, as new growth comes in before older growth dies off.

How Long Can A Pothos Live In Water?

Pothos can live in water indefinitely. You just need to keep the water topped up, and change the water if it goes cloudy. If it does go cloudy check that there isn’t anything rotting, if a cutting or leaf has stated to rot, then take it out as the rot can spread. I have lots of pothos plants growing in water alone.

a pothos living in a jar of water
the roots of a pothos that has been living in water alone

How Long Does It Take For A Pothos To Reach Maturity?

Pothos take a year or so to reach maturity where they are putting out good sized leaves and long vines.

How Long Does It Take A Pothos Cutting To Root?

Pothos can start to root in days. It can take a month or so for the roots to be well established enough to plant the pothos up and call it a juvenile plant.

how long do pothos live

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