How To Make Pothos Bushier
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How To Make Pothos Bushier?

Welcome to our guide to making your pothos plants bushier. We cover trimming back a leggy plant as well as propagating more plants and planting them back in with the main plant for a fuller bushier pothos.

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How To Make Pothos Bushier

You can make a pothos bushier by taking cuttings from your plant, then water propagating them, you can repot the cuttings back in with the main plant to make it bushier. If your plant is long and leggy you can use those stems for cuttings to tidy the plant up and make it bushier still.

Take cuttings from your plant: you can do this in a three ways, you need to decide base d on how you want your plant to look.

  1. Cut a little a cutting or two from each stem, this is best when you don’t want to notice the cuttings.
  2. Or you can take a whole stem and chop that up into smaller cuttings, this is best if you have a ‘leggy stem’ or so many long stems you won’t miss one.
  3. You can take a long stem and cut it in half, leaving half the stem to grow back out on the plant, then root the other half and plant it back in. This results in keeping fairly long stems, but shorter than they were before.

You then want to leave the cuttings aside so that the open wounds seal over as you do not want them to get water in.

Put the cuttings in a jar of water and keep them in medium indirect sunlight for a month or two until they all have roots. Make sure the water is topped up to cover the nodes so they root.

Repot your pothos plant. Take the plant out of its pot, then pot it back up in a slightly bigger one, adding in the cuttings.

Then water them in and let them grow out with the main plant for a much fuller and bushier pothos.

a pothos stem cutting
multiple pothos cuttings
propagating pothos in water

How To Fix A Leggy Pothos

You need to give a pothos more light to stop it being leggy. The nodes and leaves will then grow closer together. IF you get a leggy stem you can cut it off as mentioned above, then chop it up and propagate it, then plant back in with the main plant to make it bushier.

how to make pothos bushier by propagation

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