Do Pothos Like Direct Sunlight
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Do Pothos Like Direct Sunlight?

Do pothos like direct sunlight? We run down all you need to know about pothos and their light requirements.

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Do Pothos Like Direct Sunlight?

Pothos do best in indirect sunlight. They can burn if given too much direct sun light. They should be ok with some early morning direct sun, but be careful, if you notice burning then pull it back. If you have an all green or a mottled pothos they can stand more direct sun that one with a lot of cream or white variegation on it. The light colored variegated parts of the leaves can burn much more easily so be careful.

Another thing to keep in mind is watering – a well watered pothos will tolerate more sun. If your pothos gets direct sun and is underwatered it’s chances of burning increase.

You can get pothos used to more direct sun, we cover acclimatizing them to more sun in our last section in this guide…

What Is The Best Location For A Pothos?

The best spot for a pothos is off to the side of a south facing window, so it never gets hit by direct sun, but so that it gets lots of great indirect sun.

I have pothos all over my home and they can certainly thrive in medium light areas and even do well in fairly low light conditions. If they start to get leggy then you can move them to somewhere brighter, or swap them with a pothos in a spot with more light (you could even swap them weekly).

How To Acclimatize A Pothos To More Sun

The good news is that you can acclimatize pothos to more direct sun, but I would avoid those with big patches of white or cream variegation as they can burn more easily.

You want to gradually move the pothos each week so that it gets a bit more sun, make sure you do not underwater it in this time as it can burn easily. Keep an eye on it each day and move it back, away from the light if it starts to burn. If you do this slowly but surely over a few weeks or months you can get the plant acclimatized to taking a lot more sun. It will hit a point where it will burn so be careful and check on it each day.

do pothos like direct sunlight

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