Do Monsteras Like Humidity
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Do Monsteras Like Humidity?

We answer some frequently asked questions on monsteras and humidity, with tips for a happy plant…

Do Monsteras Like Humidity?

Monsteras like normal household humidity levels, 50% is an ideal amount to aim for. They will be ok a a bit above and below.

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How Much Humidity Does A Monstera Need?

Anywhere from 40 to 60% humidity is great for a monstera. They are a tropical plant after all.

Do Monstera Deliciosa Like To Be Misted?

Monstera deliciosa like to be humid, if you can up the humidity to 40-60% it will be optimal. If you cannot, then misting is the next best alternative, it is not quite as good as it means water sitting on the leaves. But both are good.

How Do You Add Humidity To Monstera?

The best thing to do is get a humidity meter and see if you need to add humidity, they are really cheap now. Then add humidity with a pebble tray filled with water under your plant that will evaporate slowly and add humidity consistently. If you have your monstera in an external pot you can put a layer of pebble or leca in the external pot so the plant pot sits on that, make sure there is water at the bottom (but not high enough to wet the soil in the internal pot) and it will add humidity as it evaporates.

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Does Monstera Albo Like Humidity?

They love a humid atmosphere and and thrive in 70% humidity, which is above normal household levels. The leaves can brown if not given enough humidity, especially the variegated parts so you have to be careful and meet its needs to keep it looking pretty!

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How Often Should I Mist Monstera?

You can mist a monstera twice a week or more to up it’s humidity. If you keep it close to other plants it can also increase it’s ambient humidity. The best thing is a pebble tray or humidifier.

Can A Monstera Get Too Much Humidity?

They are tropical plants and love high humidity, but at the really high ends you increase the chance of mold and rot on the leaves. Aim for 60% and your plant will thrive.

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Do Monsteras Like Humidity?
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