Can Monstera Live In Water
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Can Monstera Live In Water?

We run down all you need you know about monstera living in water, water propagating cuttings including monstera, deliciosa, adansonii and mini monstera…

Can Monstera Live In Water? All You Need To Know…

Monsteras can live well in water. I have one in a jar now, they look great in a clear vase where you can see their roots growing.

There are a few things you need to know:

  1. Growing a monstera in water from a cutting is easier than transitioning a plant from soil to just water. A cutting will root and adapt to it’s new surroundings easily, and put out roots more suitable to water. But a soil plant may go into shock when put in water, and if you don’t get all the soil off you can get rot easily. So the best thing to do is take a cutting from a monstera growing in soil and then put it in a big jar of water and it should root well.
  2. It’s roots can grow fairly big so give it a decent sized pot.
  3. Do not change the water regularly as it will have natural nutrients in it from the plant. But top it up with filtered tap water when the level drops.
  4. The only reason to change the water would be if it gets cloudy which can lead to more rot.
  5. Keep all leaves above the surface and try to not let them drop in the water. As this can cause the water to go cloudy and then can cause the roots to rot.
  6. You do not need to fertilize the plant. But it will grow quicker if you do. The best feed for growing a monstera in water is a well diluted hydroponic feed.
  7. Keep it in indirect sunlight and out of any direct sun and it should grow well.

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How Long Can Monstera Live Without Water?

If monsteras run dry they can survive for almost a month in some conditions, but it is best to keep them watered.

Can Monstera Adansonii Live In Water?

Monstera adansonii can live in just water. Just put them in a jar and let them grow. The same as with a deliciosa, you should start with a cutting rather than transition a soil-based plant. The cutting will root and can live in water for a long time. Just make sure that leaves and other matter don’t fall into the water which will encourage rot.

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Can Monstera Live Outside?

Monsteras can live outside but they do not like to get below 10°C (50°F). I have one outside on my terrace and it gets below this sometimes, but definitely bring them in before it freezes.

Monstera In Water Turning Yellow

If your monstera leaves are turning yellow the leaves could be rotten. Sometimes leaves fall off and die naturally, but check the plant to see if it has any other mushy areas on it. The most common cause of rot for a monstera in water is that the water has become cloudy due to other rotting matter. So change the water if it is cloudy. Check for pests to especially under the leaves.

Monstera Water Propagation Root Rot

Monsteras get root rot less in water than in soil as there is less bacteria on the roots. Also water cuttings develop different roots than those that start in soil, so their root system develops to work with the water. You can get rot sometimes if the water goes murky and cloudy due to a leaf or similar falling in it, so as long as you keep the water clear you can avoid the issue of root rot in water.

When taking the cutting, leave it to callous over for an hour or two before adding it to the water to give the wound time to callous over. This will reduce the chance of rot.

Can Plants Live In Water Forever?

Plants like monstera can live in water forever, just make sure you change the water if it goes cloudy, and you can give it a diluted hydroponic fertilizer every now and again to top up the nutrients it would otherwise get from soil.

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Can Mini Monstera Grow In Water / Can You Propagate Mini Monstera In Water?

You can propagate mini monstera, aka rhaphidophora tetrasperma, easily by putting a cutting in water. It will grow well and can live in water permanently. Start with a cutting, and let it develop water roots, as opposed to putting out roots that have already grown in soil, into water.

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Can Monstera Live In Water?
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