Can Monstera Plants Live Outside

Can Monstera Plants Live Outside – (with care tips)

Can monstera plants live outside? The can do well as both indoor and outdoor plants, depending on where you live. I cover all you need to know, depending on temperatures, seasons, and locations/USDA zones...

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The Monstera deliciosa aka swiss cheese plant, is a very popular plant, and for good reason, they look great. They are tropical plants and their natural habitat is warm and humid forests, but they are fairly tolerant of many conditions so are easy to care for. I have lots in my apartment, and some outside on my terrace/balcony, which are you there year round. This kind of happened by accident… I didn’t know if my monsteras would survive outside, but I had just I trimmed back by big indoor deliciosa and had a few cuttings that I did not need. So I planted them up put them on my balcony. I live in Barcelona, close to the sea and it gets windy in the winter and very hot direct sun in the summer, I did not think they would survive the year to be honest! But they do just fine.

The key to keeping monsteras outside is to keep them watered in the summer, and close to walls so that they are sheltered from wind and sun as much as possible. If you are going to have frost or long periods of temperatures below 10°C (50°F) then bring them in.

All my outdoors Monsteras
All my outdoors Monsteras – it’s mid summer and some have been burned at the leaf edges, but they’re all ok!

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Can Monstera Live Outside?

Here’s some thing you need to keep in mind when putting your monsteras outside:

  • In general monstera deliciosa can live outside as long as the temperatures are over 10°C (50°F). They’ll be ok if they drop down below this for a day or two, but can start to get damage if allowed to get cold for too long. Freezing temperatures will almost certainly damage the plant so if you get frosts or temperatures below 0°C (32°F) then bring the plant indoors.
  • Be careful of watering: make sure it doesn’t get under or over watered.
  • You need to avoid direct sunlight, but you can adapt the plant to more light by gradually exposing it to more each day, and moving it back if it starts to burn.
  • It’s not just temperatures you need to be careful of, you need to make sure the plant is not subjected to high winds, or cold winds.
  • Shelter like a porch, an enclosed balcony, or keeping them next to a wall will help to mitigate cold and wind damage.
  • The good news is the bigger the plant, the more they can withstand, the bigger the stems the more cold they can withstand. Also with a bigger plant, if the leaves get cold damage you can cut them back still have plenty.

If you, like most people live somewhere where the temperatures might dip below 10°C (50°F) or freezing, you best bet is to get larger plant and put it somewhere shelters from wind, sun and temperature extremes as much as possible like a covered balcony or porch.

Monstera outside
One of my Monsteras that’s outside the whole year

Can Monstera Live Outside In Summer?

It depends on where you live, but they should be fine outside as long as they don’t get down to freezing. Keep an eye out for cold winds too.

Can Monstera Live Outside In Texas?

It depends on minimum temperatures. You can keep monsteras outside as long as the temperatures don’t get down to freezing (or below 50°F for too long).

Outdoor monstera
One of my monsteras (and a rogue oxalis too!)

Can Monstera Live Outside In Florida?

They can live outside year round, protect them from high winds. They can be considered an invasive species in some areas, so be careful.

Can Monstera Live Outside In California?

Yes you can. Watch out for extended minimum temps below 50°F, and consider bringing them in if you get these temperature drops. Make sure it is sheltered from strong winds too.

Which USDA Zones Can Monstera Live Outside In?

Monstera deliciosa can live out doors year round in USDA hardiness zones 10-12.

Can Monstera Live Outside UK?

They have developed to live on the forest floor or South America and Central America, but they can survive in the UK!

They do not do well under 10°C (50°F) for extended periods of time, and down to below 0°C (32°F) will cause much more damage. So they can be outdoors in the UK in the middle of summer, and a bit longer if you have a sheltered porch or balcony, but keep an eye on dropping temperatures.

Monsteras outside
Some of my Monsteras outside on my terrace/balcony

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