Monstera Trellis
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Monstera Trellis

Monsteras sprawl out in their natural environment on the forest floor and sometimes grow up trees. So once they reach a certain size you many need to help your monstera climbing up a moss pole or trellis to keep it upright and tidy, as well as support it.

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Does A Monstera Need Support?

It is a good idea to support your monstera when they start to grow into larger plants, as they naturally will spread out across the floor. A moss pole, one of the most common supports, gathers the plant up in a more vertical display.

Monstera Trellis Vs Moss Pole

Monsteras like moss poles especially as their aerial roots can attach to it, much like they would to a mossy tree in the wild. Moss poles keep a sprawling plant like a monstera tidy and pulled into the center to focus the growth upwards.

A trellis can also look great in itself and encourage the plant to grow to a different shape if you so wish.

How To Attach Monstera To A Moss Pole Or Trellis

The pole or trellis should be secured into the pot as deep as possible – to the bottom if you can. Attaching the plant to the pole or trellis should be done taking into account two things: secure it as tightly as possible but without damaging the plant.

Use soft, wide plant ties to reduce any damage that could occur. You can buy Velcro plant ties now that are a great idea as they can be moved and re-used easily and do not damage the plant. Tuck aerial roots into the pole too.

What Can I Use Instead Of A Moss Pole?

There are many moss pole alternatives, one of the cheapest is to use bamboo steaks, you can use three and tie them in the center to form a tripod over the plant. I then tie a few lines of horizontal twine around mine so that the plant ties do not slip down the pole.

Indoor Plant Trellis..

Here’s a few indoor plant trellises we love that you can buy…

There are some really nice small and ornate trellises for smaller monsteras on the market, for example this one from Botanopia. Here is it pictured with a ‘mini monstera’, they look great.

Monstera Trellis
Image shown with a rhaphidophora tetrasperma. (photo credit

There are loads of trellises available on Etsy, too like this….

(photo credit:

Moss poles – available from Amazon, Ebay and your local garden center (please support them!). These are fairly cheap, and monsteras love them. They are even cheaper if you make your own by wrapping a pole in sphagnum moss.

A cheap way to get a monstera trellis is to use one intended for tomatoes, which can be picked up for very cheap on Amazon or Ebay etc. These are great for large monsteras which need to be held upright.

DIY Trellis For Monstera

For a DIY trellis you can use bamboo canes, which are really cost effective too.

Trellis For Larger Monsteras

For larger monsteras you can get larger moss poles, or stacking moss poles and put two on top of each other. On our largest monstera we use a tripod made from bamboo, which yo cannot see underneath the foliage.

Why Does A Monstera Need A Moss Pole?

A moss pole or trellis, aside from keeping your monstera looking tidy when tied to it, it can encourage the plant to put out bigger leaves.

Monstera Trellis Vs Moss Pole

Moss poles are the easiest, yo buy one, stick in the pot and you’re ready to tie the plant back to it, so they’re the preferred option for most plants. But for bigger more sprawling plants you’ll probably be better off with a terrace to tame the larger plants back.

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