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These white and green beauties are highly coveted and hugely hash-tagged on Instagram too! With the big increase in popularity of houseplants in general, these often top the charts of rare houseplant collectors most wanted.

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How Fast Do Variegated Monstera Grow?

Variegated monstera grow slightly slower than their prolifically growing cousin the monstera deliciosa, this is because variegated plants have less green chlorophyll in their leaves and so do not process light energy into growth as efficiently. They can still grow well over 1 or 2 feet a year, (50cm or so) depending on their original size and conditions.

Why Are Variegated Monstera So Expensive?

Variegated monstera are well in demand, more so than supply, which pushes prices up. Even though some have been mass produced with tissue culture, the demand for plants has increased too, so prices remain high.

What Is Sport Variegated Monstera?

Sport variegation is a freak variegation that occurs in a new leaf. It is often not very stable and the next leaf may well turn back to normal. Plant breeders will often propagate the sport node and leaf to try to breed a plant that has a more stable variegation that can be sold as stable after propagating it for a few generations.

Where Do Variegated Monstera Come From?

Some variegated plants come from genetic mutations in the wild, and some get them domestically and are then bred to make the variegation more stable. The Thai Constellation is propagated en masse with tissue culture process in a lab.

Where Can I Buy One?

There are lots of specialist online dealers. I got mine from Etsy and plenty show up on Ebay too. Also try our list of Rare Plant Shops.

How To Encourage Variegation In A Monstera

You can encourage more variegation in a plant that is already variegated by giving it as much indirect sunlight as you can (but no direct sun). If they produce less variegated foliage you can cut it back to the node which last produced good variegation, to try to encourage more variegated growth.

Variegated Monstera Seeds

A lot of people ask about growing them from seeds… No! they should be propagated from a cutting. Variegation is a mutation and there is absolutely no guarantee seeds will have it.

Variegated Monstera Price

They go for ridiculous prices, some for over 5000 euros or US Dollars. Especially the Adansonii which can cost 1000 euros for a small plant.

What Causes Variegation?

Variegation in monsteras is caused by a mutation that causes a lack of chlorophyll in the mutated cells.

Can a Monstera Variegata Revert?

Variegation is not stable and so, sometimes, they can revert to all green where the variegation disappears entirely. Thai Constellations do revert, but it is much less common, the variegation is much stable in this regard. Monstera Adansoniis can revert too, for more on this see our guide: Monstera Adansonii Variegated.

Variegated Monstera Albo Vs Thai

There are 2 main types of these monstera on sale: Monstera Deliciosa Albo Variegata which has clearer patches of green and white, or the Thai Constellation which has smaller patches of white and speckles in the green

For more on these plants see our guides: Monstera Thai Constellation, and Monstera Albo.

Sport Variegated Monstera Adansonii

Sport variegation on an adansonii normally shows a a patterning of lighter, light green on those dark lush leaves. Ii is not normally stable and will often revert.

How To Encourage Sport Variegation

You cannot really encourage sport variegation, it is a genetic mutation. It does tend to occur when the lant is well lit and occurs less if the plant gets too little light.

Is Sport Variegation Stable?

Sport variegation is not stable, it is a mutation it will very likely revert, or if it does not revert it is unlikely it will propagate and produce sport variegated children.

Tissue Culture Variegated Monstera

The Thai Constellation is tissue cultured and is stable.

How To Propagate A Variegated Monstera

You can propagate a variegated monstera the same say as other monsteras, take a node cutting with at least one node and  one leaf, root it in a jar of filtered tap water, and once the roots get big in a couple of moths you can pot it up into a good soil. For more on monstera propagation see our guide here: Monstera Propagation.

Variegated Monstera USDA Zone

Technically they can grow in USDA hardiness zone is 10b to 12, but they are much better indoors away from the elements, as any issues from the weather will show on the white parts of the leaves.

Are They Toxic To Cats?

They are mildly to moderately toxic to cats and dogs if eaten, causing numbness and sickness, so seek verts advice immediately.

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