Monstera Standleyana
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Monstera Standleyana

Welcome to our guide to monstera standleyana care. One of my wish-list plants, the monstera standleyana, is a great non-fussy tropical household plant that will impress anyone who sees it!

Monstera Standleyana Summary

Light needs:Plenty of indirect sunlight but no direct sunlight.
Watering needs:Water when the top inch or 2 cms is dry.
Fertilizer:Feed monthly in the spring and summer with a well-diluted balanced plant feed.
Soil:A well draining potting mix with plenty of perlite.
Temperature:18°C to 28°C (64-82°F).
Where to buy:Try our list of Rare Plant Shops.
Other names:Five holes plant, monstera standleyana albo variegata or philodendron cobra.
Common issues:Cold damage, overwatering.


Monstera Standleyana is an easy to care for small climbing monstera with thin oblong leaves and small speckled white and light green variegations. Honestly, this is my dream plant!

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Monstera Standleyana Light Needs

This plant will need plenty of indirect sunlight but no direct sunlight. Bright indirect sunlight will encourage them to grow and bringing out their variegations.

How Often to Water

Check your plant once a week to see if the soil is dry and water it when the top inch or 2 cms is dry. They like to be wet but not waterlogged.

Monstera Standleyana - larger plant
One of my larger plants


It will do well if fed monthly in the spring and summer with a well-diluted balanced plant feed.


Give your plant a well draining potting mix with plenty of perlite so it does not get waterlogged. For more on buying or making your own soil, see our guide here: Monstera Soil.

Monstera Standleyana Runner

Sometimes they can put out a long runner, a long thin stem, with smaller leaves. These are meant to search for trees in the wild, then when they find a tree they grown bigger leaves. So you want to give it a pole or trellis to climb up if yours puts out long thin stems like mine in the picture below.

Monstera Standleyana runner

Tip: give it a moss pole or trellis to climb up, and it should put out larger leaves.

When To Repot

The roots will grow fast, so repot your plant once a year in spring, or when roots grow out of the bottom of the pot.

Monstera Standleyana Humidity

50% or more is ideal humidity. They will thrive in humidity. this is just above the normal household range so mist your plants regularly, even daily in the drier summer months.

How To Propagate Monstera Standleyana

Take a cutting with at least one node and one leaf and root it in water by keeping it warm and in indirect sunlight for a month or so. Once they have developed some roots you can then pot them up into an aroid soil mix and treat them as a juvenile plant. For more on what soil to use see our guide: Monstera Soil.

For much more detail on monstera standleyana propagation with step by step instructions for water propagation as well as leca, soil and sphagnum moss methods, see our guide: Monstera Standleyana Propagation.

monstera standleyana propagations in leca
Some of my monstera standleyana propagations in leca

Monstera Standleyana USDA Zone

They can be grown outside in zones 9-11.


18°C to 28°C (64-82°F) is ideal. So normal household temperatures will be fine. Just don’t let them get too cold in winter or at night, according to they can survive down to about -1°C (30 °F).

Monstera Standleyana Fenestration

Monstera standleyanas do not fenestrate or split, even as they mature.

Where To Buy

Try Etsy or our list of Rare Plant Shops.

Other Names

Five holes plant, m. standleyana albo variegata, or philodendron cobra. Although sometimes called a philodendron cobra, this is a monstera, not a philodendron.

Monstera Standleyana Albo Variegata

The monstera standleyana is exactly the same as the ‘monstera standleyana albo variegata’ they are the same plant. The normal one is already variegated. See the rest of this guide for more info on care and also links to buy it.

For more on different types of monsteras see our monstera category with all our monstera care guides.

Monstera Standleyana FAQs and Common Problems

Keep the plant away from cold and draughts in the winter as this can kill the plant. Be careful of over watering (especially in the winter when they need less water), as waterlogging causes root rot and leaf dropping and browning.

Plants can sometimes start to lose their variegation, but give it as much indirect sunlight as you can will stop this.

Why Are My Monstera Standleyana Leaves Browning?

They get brown leaves when they are crispy from underwatering or soft and mushy from overwatering.
Make sure you are not letting it dry out or get too soggy.

Monstera Standleyana Growth Rate

They grow fairly quickly. I cut mint back to the soil once to take it all in cuttings, and it bounced back in a month or so. Once established they grow quickly.

Is Monstera Standleyana Toxic To Cats?

They are toxic to cats if eaten, and can cause vomiting and numbness. So seek vets advice immediately if your pet eats any.

Monstera Standleyana Or Philodendron Cobra?

They are both the same different names for the same plant, the plant is a type of monstera, it is not a philodendron.

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Monstera standleyana cuttings
Monstera standleyana cuttings, already rooted in water

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