Monstera Standleyana Propagation

Monstera Standleyana Propagation

Our guide to monstera standleyana propagation with step by step instructions for water propagation as well as leca, soil and sphagnum moss methods.

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What You’ll Need

You will need:

  • A monstera standleyana
  • Scissors
  • Water
  • Clear jar or cup

How To Propagate Monstera Standleyana In Water

You can propagate monstera standleyana fairly easily with stem cuttings.

Step 1:

Get a plant that is big enough to take a cutting or two from.

a monstera standleyana with long runner

Step 2:

Take a cutting below the node and try to get one leaf and one node.

monstera standleyana cuttings and main plant
monstera standleyana node cutting

Step 3:

Put them all in a jar without any water in for a couple of hours (so the cuts can seal before going in water)

Step 4:

Fill the jar with tap water (I use a brita filter jug to filter the tap water). Make sure all the nodes are in the water but no leaves are touching it.

Step 5:

Keep the jar in warm place where it gets plenty of light (but no direct sunlight) for a couple of months.

Step 6:

Make sure you keep the water toped up. Replace the water completely if it starts to go cloudy.

Step 7:

It should produce a lot of root growth in a month or two. They will grow in water alone if you want to keep them there, but they will grow much slower than they would in soil.

monstera standleyana propagation - rooting in water

Step 8:

At this stage you can move them to soil, leca or sphagnum moss.

monstera standleyana rooted water propagations

How To Propagate Monstera Standleyana In leca, soil or Sphagnum Moss

To propagate them with other methods, water propagate them as per the points above.

monstera standleyana rooted water propagations

Using Leca

Wash and pre-soak the leca. Then half fill a cup with clay pebbles, put the cutting in and then fill in the rest with leca and make sure the cutting is kept in place. You can see in the image below a finished propagation in a cup of leca, next to one that has not been filled up yet so you can see the levels I put the plant at. It is important that you can have a small level of water at the bottom of the pot that is not touching the cutting.

monstera standleyana propagations in leca

Then I fill the cup up with water. Normally you only have a small bit of water in the bottom, but I always fill it the first time as it helps the cutting slowly acclimatize to the leca. Once the water level has dropped down to a couple of centimeters or half an inch, then keep it topped up at that level.

monstera standleyana propagations in leca

Using Sphagnum Moss – sphag it and bag it!

You can use moss in similar way to leca, you need to pre-soak it and plant the cutting in it the moss in a cup, make sure you have drainage holes in the cup. Squeeze the excess water off the moss before using it. You want to keep it moist but not soaking and not dry. Keep it well lit and humid (I keep mine in a big propagation box at this stage, but you can but a plastic bag around the plant loosely to increase humidity).


Soil propagation is really easy, once the plant has been water propagated for a few weeks and has roots, just plant it in a good well draining soil (see our guide: Monstera Soil for an easy to make diy mix). Keep it humid with a plastic bag around the plant – use a bag that is taller than the plant and keep it open to allow air to circulate a bit. Keep it moist and humid and it should root well over the next month or so, and eventually put out new leaf and stem growth.

You can put cuttings direct in soil and skip the water propagation, just make sure that the cuttings are really well calloused over first, as you can get rot more easily with soil.

monstera standleyana cuttings
monstera standleyana main plant

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