Monstera Thai Constellation
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Monstera Thai Constellation

The Monstera Thai Constellation is the big ticket item! The money shot! A beautiful monstera with dashes of white and off-white variegation reminiscent of a constellation. 

Monstera Thai Constellation Price

Why is the Thai constellation so expensive?

The Monstera Thai Constellation is a very in-demand and expensive plant. Because of this demand it costs a lot, especially in recent times where houseplant demand in general has gone up as the hobby in general has got more popular. At the same time supply has not increased.

They go on Etsy for 250-500 euros/dollars and upwards for a relatively small but established plant. Some for over a thousand!

Costa Farms Thai Constellation 

The Thai Constellation is very likely to come down in price soon, as an American producer, Costa Farms, is mass propagating a crop as I write. This will most likely lead to a drop in price globally, but don’t expect it to go for pennies, it will still be an in-demand plant but some should crop up in 2021 and 2022 for 100 euros/dollars or a bit less if you’re lucky. Then after these come to market there will likely be more people trading the plants in plant shops and online platforms like Etsy and Ebay.

Monstera Thai Constellation For Sale

You can buy these from private sellers, plant shops and Ebay etc, I got mine from Etsy, they always seem to have some and I got mine for a good price on there.

Monstera Thai Constellation Care

To care for your Monstera Thai Constellation you should keep it moist,  but not waterlogged as that can lead to root rot. Let it almost dry out between waterings, especially in winter when root rot is a higher possibility.

You can treat them similarly to a normal Monstera Deliciosa. However make sure to keep it out of sunlight as it is more sensitive to burning due to the variegation, but give it plenty of indirect sunlight.  


Monstera Thai Constellation Vs Albo

The Thai Constellation has lots of small splashed and dashes of white and off-white variegation, almost like it has had a white paint brush flicked at it. But the Albo Variegata has bigger areas of variegation too, sometimes they have totally white leaves, (or half a leaf) which I’m sure you’ve seen all over Instagram.

How does Monstera Thai constellation grow?

These plants grow 300-600 cms a year (1 or 2 feet), given the right conditions.  Thai Constellation Monstera’s like these grow upright to an extent, but will spread out and hang down eventually. The best way to keep it upright is to tie it carefully to a moss pole. 

Monstera Thai Constellation

Can I make my Monstera variegated?

In short, you cannot make a Monstera variegated. Naturally occurring new variegation is a very, very rare event, it is like playing the lottery. So it is much easier to take cuttings from a variegated plant.  

Can a regular Monstera become variegated?

Yes – but it is about 1 in 100000 chance of a monstera becoming variegated naturally. So it is very unlikely.  


The elusive Monstera Thai constellation is a rare houseplant enthusiast’s dream plant, and although expensive, is set to drop in price and become more available over the coming years.

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