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Monstera Dubia Frame

Welcome to our guide to growing monstera dubias on a plank of wood or a wooden frame with no soil. I have made a few of these in the past and thought I’d share them here. I cover two ways to do this, one on a plank of wood and one on a frame. The methods are essentially the same as you are tying a monstera dubia cutting to moss pole / wood where it will live. You will need to mist them a couple of times a week in most conditions to keep the moss slightly moist and they can live there ongoing as living art on your wall.

Here’s what we’ll be making…

The finished frame with the monstera dubia mounted in moss
the finished monstera dubia plank

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What You’ll Need

You will need:

  • Sphagnum moss
  • Dubia cutting (rooted)
  • Photo frame
  • Fishing line
  • Scissors
  • A water spray to keep the moss moist
equipment for a dubia plank

Follow these steps:

Get a monstera dubia cutting. I water propagated a cutting for a month until it has a decent root system.

packing moss on to the wood

I soaked the sphagnum moss and squeezed off the excess water.

Put the moss on the board. Then tie it on with fishing line. This is not easy to be honest as the moss keeps falling off, you need to keep it moss-side up while you wrap it the first few times. You want to try to make a moss pole type surface for the dubia to grow into.

securing the sphagnum moss to the wood with fishing wire

Then wrap the roots of the dubia cutting in a ball of moist moss.

wrapping the roots in moss to give them a medium to grow into

You then need to attach it onto the moss board with more fishing line. Then tie it off, and you’re done.

securing the dubia cutting on to the moss

I make sure that there is plenty of criss-crossed line at the back to hang it from on the wall.

the finished wall hanging form the back

The finished frame should look like this:

the finished monstera dubia plank

I did the same with a wooden frame I brought cheaply:

A monstera dubia and frame

I removed the back board and put moss on it

adds sphagnum moss to photo frame

Then I tied the moss on with fishing line

securing the sphagnum moss wit fishing twine

Then I wrapped a cutting in moss. I was already rooting in water, so it had a good root system already.

packing sphagnum moss round the rotos of the duiba cutting

Then I attached that to the moss-covered back board so it can grow and root into it

adding the dubia cutting to the moss

It looks like this when fastened and tied off:

the finished backboard with  the plant mounted to the moss.

Then I put the frame back and it is finished:

The finished frame with the monstera dubia mounted in moss

You will need to spray these with water above twice a week to stop them drying out. I take them off the wall and put them flat to spray them, and wet all the moss, but especially around the roots.

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