Monstera Dubia Propagation In Sphagnum Moss
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Monstera Dubia Propagation In Moss

Our guide to monstera dubia propagation in sphagnum moss, which is the best method for propagation a lot of plants at one time.

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Monstera dubias are really easy to propagate using sphagnum moss. If you are propagating a lot at one go I would definitely use this method it is ideal for bulk propagation.

What You’ll Need

You will need:

  • A monstera dubia that is big enough to take a few cuttings from.
  • Sphagnum moss.
  • A tupperware/takeout container with a lid.
  • Plastic cups or glass jars.
  • A big plastic storage box.
  • (You’ll need cardboard and bbq skewers later on when they are rooted for them to grow up).

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How To Propagate Monstera Dubia In Moss

Step 1:

You want to take a entire stem of dubias and turn it into a lot of cuttings. I cut the stem off, then cut between each leaf leaving a lot of one-node one-leaf cuttings.

a monstera dubia stem ready for taking cuttings
monstera dubia cuttings with one node and one leaf each
taking cuttings from a dubia stem

Step 2:

Wait a couple of hours so the cuts on the stems heal over naturally.

Step 3:

Prepare some spghagnum moss by separating it as much as possible while dry, then soaking it in water. Then separating it out some more. Then squeeze off as much excess water as you can. You do not want it to have clumps in it.

dry sphagnum moss
wetting sphagnum moss with filtered tap water
moist sphagnum moss ready for propagation

Step 4:

Fill up a tupperware or take out box with the moist moss. Then put the cuttings on the surface of the moss and push them down so the nodes are pushing into the moist moss. I used the end of a pen to make sure the nodes are in the moss.

monstera dubia propagation in moss
pushing the nodes down in to the moss so they get more contact.
finished dubia propagation in sphagnum moss

Step 5:

Put the lid on and put the box somewhere it gets plenty of light, but not direct sun. Make sure the lids has some holes in it to let air in and out.

propagation tub

Step 6:

You want to take the lid off once or twice a week so air can get in and out. At this point you want to see if it is still mist and spray it with water if it needs it.

holes in the propagation pot lid for air to circulate

Step 7:

After a month or two some will have started to root and you can move them to plastic cups. Some will have died off, don’t worry about them you win some you lose some!

Take the moss out of the tupperware and then separate out the cuttings, being really careful not to damage the roots. You can dip the moss into a bowl of water to help loosen it to get the cuttings out.

Step 8:

Soak some more moss, and fill up some cups about halfway.

Then hold the cuttings in place of the moss and fill in around them with more moss.

Multiple one-leaf, one-node dubia propagation cups

Step 9:

Put all the cups in a large plastic box to keep them humid, keep the lid at and angle to allow air to circulate.

Propagation bin with lots of individual cups of moss.

Step 10:

The cuttings will root into the cup and will start to put out growth from the top soon. At that point you can want to give it some thing climb up, like cardboard or wood….

Step 11: mounting it to wood or cardboard

At this stage you have a successful propagation, and you can keep the plant in moss and feed it a diluted feed or you can move it to soil.

As soon as they put out a runner or shoot like in the picture below, you want to give it something to climb up or it will grow really leggy with small leaves. I get a strip of cardboard and a bbq skewer and tie the plant and board to the skewer with wire or rubber bands. This way you’ll get the nice bigger leaves. In the picture on the right you can see one plant has started to put out a runner and I’ve given it a cardboard support.

A one-leaf, one-node dubia propagation cup

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