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  • Closed Terrarium Plants
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    Closed Terrarium Plants

    Welcome to our guide to closed terrarium plants. They have really risen in popularity recently. My youtube feed these days is about 50% videos people setting them up! I love them, they need a few easy to care for, humidity loving plants, we run down all you need to know… See also: Begonia Maculata, Fittonia, Care For Begonia Rex. Tip: we recommend Etsy for buying plants. Look for the best rated seller you can, and try to buy as close to your home as possible so the plant does not travel too far. A note about affiliate links: when you buy a plant, pots, soil, or other goods through links…

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  • Ikea Greenhouse Cabinet Hack
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    Ikea Greenhouse Cabinet Hack

    What You Will Need For An Ikea Greenhouse Cabinet The hacked Ikea plant cupboards have become really popular recently, especially for taking care of plants that need more controlled light an humidity needs in a small apartment. We’ll run down the items you need to make an Ikea greenhouse cabinet hack for under 250 euros… The Cabinet The Fabrikor and Milsbo are the most popular cabinets for these projects. Currently my local Ikea has both Fabrikor sizes priced at 149 euros each (the dark grey and blue ones in the images below with rounded corners). One is double fronted 81x113cm and the other is thinner but taller 57x150cm. Then there…

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  • Lemon Plant From Seed
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    Lemon Plant From Seed

    Introduction Welcome to our guide to growing a lemon plant from seed. You can germinate a seed from a store bought lemon and grow it into a tree that can bear fruit a few years later. How To Grow A Lemon Plant From Seed, Step By Step Follow these steps to grow a lemon plant from seed: Get the equipment you need ready: a lemon, filtered water (left overnight), a pot and some potting compost. Remove the seeds from the lemon. Get 4 or 5 seeds at least as some may not germinate, or grow slower. Get a pot ready to germinate the seeds in: a shallow tupperware will do.…

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  • Cactus From Seed
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    Cactus From Seed

    Introduction Welcome to our guide to growing a cactus from seed. Growing plants from seeds all the way to mature plants is a very rewarding process, here we cover how to germinate cacti from seeds. How To Grow A Cactus From Seed To grow a cactus from seed follow these step by step instructions: Get everything you need ready: cactus seed, cactus soil, a fairly big plant pot (or at least wide enough), and a plastic bag to cover it afterwards. Fill the plant pot with enough cactus compost to almost the top, except for half an inch or 2 cms. Sprinkle the seeds over the top of the soil,…

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  • Grow Ginger
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    Grow Ginger

    So how does it sound to have your own repeating harvests of ginger at home? Infinite ginger you say?! Read on… You actually can plant up ginger that you buy at your food store or supermarket and it will produce more over time as the rhizomes under the soil grow. Welcome to our guide on how to grow ginger at home… Firstly a bit about how ginger grows, it is a rhizome, which is like a tuber or bulb, that sits under the soil and the roots and stems will grow from this rhizome. The rhizome can be harvested and is what we know as ginger. The rhizomes will grow…

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  • Mango Seed
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    Grow A Mango From Seed

    Welcome to our guide on how to grow a mango from seed, you can use a mango you bought in the shops to start your own plant off. This is a fun project to do with your kids at the weekend. How To Grow A Mango From Seed: Follow these steps to germinate and grow a mango from a seed: Slice the mango and take out the seed (it is surrounded in a husk, covered in mango fruit you can take the whole thing out. Then open the husk very carefully with a knife to get to the seed inside. Take the seed out and clean it with a wet…

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  • How To Grow An Avocado Seed
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    How To Grow An Avocado Seed

    Welcome to our guide to grow an avocado from seed. We have added a few extra steps from the normal suspend-it-over-a-jar-with-toothpick method to ensure it germinates well in water first. How To Grow An Avocado Seed To germinate and grow an avocado from seed, follow these steps: Get all the things you need: an avocado, cloth, a jar of water, knife, kitchen roll, plastic bag, four toothpicks Get your avocado and take out the pit Clean it with a wet cloth Put it in a jar of water for two day to soften the surface Take it out of the water and use a knife to scrape off the thin…

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  • How To Plant Pineapple
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    How To Plant Pineapple

    Welcome to our step by step guide on how to plant pineapple. You can plant a pineapple indoors relatively easily taking a cutting of the crown of a pineapple fruit you bought in a store, rooting it in water and then planting up in soil to grow before flowering and finally fruiting the plant. How To Plant Pineapple To plant a pineapple indoors at home and get it to grow a new plant that produces fruit, follow these steps: Get a ripe pineapple and a jar of water ready. Remove the crown from the fruit. A new plant will grow from the top part known as the crown, this is…

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