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  • Anthurium Hookeri
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    Anthurium Hookeri

    Welcome to our guide to the Anthurium Hookeri, covering care and propagation, including water, soil, humidity and temperature needs. Anthurium Hookeri Care Summary Light needs: Bright indirect sunlight. Watering needs: Keep moist, check soil weekly and water when 75% of soil is dry. Fertilizer: A balanced plant feed every 3 or 4 weeks in spring and summer. Soil: A mix of orchid bark, perlite and potting compost.  Humidity: 60% or more. Temperature: 18°C to 28°C (64-82°F). Where to buy: Try our list of Rare Plant Shops. Other names: Bird’s nest anthurium. Common issues: Overwatering and plant pests. Introduction The Anthurium hookeri, aka. bird’s nest anthurium, is a huge leaved anthurium…

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  • Monstera Trellis
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    Monstera Trellis

    Monsteras sprawl out in their natural environment on the forest floor and sometimes grow up trees. So once they reach a certain size you many need to help your monstera climbing up a moss pole or trellis to keep it upright and tidy, as well as support it. See also: Monstera Adansonii Variegated, Monstera Soil, Monstera Deliciosa Care, Monstera Standleyana, Monstera Acacoyaguensis, Monstera Siltepecana, Monstera Subpinnata Care, Variegated Monstera (Category). Does A Monstera Need Support? It is a good idea to support your monstera when they start to grow into larger plants, as they naturally will spread out across the floor. A moss pole, one of the most common supports,…

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  • Philodendron Soil
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    Philodendron Soil

    Introduction Philodendrons like a loose, airy and well draining soil mix, they can get root rot easily and do not want to get waterlogged. Using a standar mix is not ideal for them but hte good news is that it is easy to mix your own. See also: Philodendron Dark Lord, Philodendron Care, Philodendron Goeldii, Philodendron Mexicanum Care, Philodendron Thai Sunrise Care, Philodendron Hastatum, Anthurium Soil, Hoya Soil, Alocasia Soil, Monstera Soil, Succulent Soil. Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links or advertisements so we may receive compensation if you sign up for or purchase products linked to below. As an affiliate, we can earn from qualifying purchases. Read our…

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  • Closed Terrarium Plants
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    Closed Terrarium Plants

    Welcome to our guide to closed terrarium plants. They have really risen in popularity recently. My youtube feed these days is about 50% videos people setting them up! I love them, they need a few easy to care for, humidity loving plants, we run down all you need to know… See also: Begonia Maculata, Fittonia, Care For Begonia Rex. What Plant Can I Put In A Closed Terrarium? Here’s a list of plants that will grow well in a closed terrarium: African violets Baby Tears Begonias Carniverous plants Ferns (maidenhair ferns do well) Fittonia (nerve plants) Jewel Orchids Moss Peperomias Syngoniums These are all easy to grow, and can adapt…

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  • How To Use Leca For Houseplants
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    How To Use Leca For Houseplants

    Welcome to our guide to how to use leca for houseplants, as well as semi hydroponics information and propagation tips. We go into detail on all you need to know.. What Is Leca? Leca or L.E.C.A stands for lightweight expanded clay aggregate. It is small clay pebbles, that are very useful for rooting and growing houseplants in, instead of using soil. They can wick up water from below, which gives most plants’ roots the moisture they need, but not too much, and with much less chance of root rot. It also lets more air get to the roots, and you get a lot less pests that with soil. It is…

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  • Sphagnum Moss
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    Sphagnum Moss

    Intro Welcome to our guide to sphagnum moss, which is my favorite growing medium for propagating plants as it gives the roots plenty of moisture as well as air, while reducing the chances of root rot that you can get with soil. Growing Plants In Sphagnum Moss Growing plants in sphagnum moss is really easy, you just need to follow these steps: Put a handful or so of sphagnum moss in a bowl, then add some filtered tap water. Squeeze the moss like a sponge so it absorbs the water from the bowl. Keep adding watering and squeezing the moss until it cannot absorb any more water. Put the moss…

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  • Pots
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    5 Pots For Indoor Plants

    Introduction Welcome to our list of pots for indoor plants. The right pot for your plant is essential, they can really show off the plant and be visually striking in their own right. We’ll focus on small, independent pot makers too. Anther and Moss – Bentham The Bentham pot is a beautifully made floor standing square pot and base, in a clean and minimal finish made by pot designers Anther and Moss. See their full collection and online shop here. Grey Terracotta From Weston Mill Grey terracotta has become much more popular and available in the last few years, and for good reason, they look immense! They are classic in…

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