Yellow Leaves On Anthurium
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Yellow Leaves On Anthurium

Our guide to yellow leaves on anthurium and similar issues. Read on for how to resolve them...

Reasons for yellow leaves on an anthurium are:

Over watering

The main reason for yellowing leaves is over watering. If you’ve overwatered it (or maybe have), take the plant out of its soil and check the roots. If they are white you are ok, but if they are brown then root rot could well be setting in. Let the plant dry out for a few hours before potting up in dry soil. You can cut off the yellow leaves too, as long as they’re are some good ones left. It’s a good idea to separate out any smaller plants at this point, and pot them up separately, just in case the rot does take hold you may save some plants.

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Under watering

If a plant is underwatered the leaves can crisp up and turn yellow. This is easy to remedy with a proper watering schedule. See this guide for more on anthurium watering: Anthurium Care.

Fertilizer burn

If you feed your plant a fertilizer solution that is too strong it can burn the leaves. This normally shows up as brown or yellow leave edges. Make sure you use a well diluted plant feed, especially when feeding for the first time in the season, or if using a new plant feed, then you can gradually increase the dose over time and keep an eye on the plant.


Leaves can burn from direct sunlight. Anthuriums tend to do well if given maximum indirect sunlight, but no direct sun.

Lack of Humidity

Leaves crisp up and can yellow or even die from lack of humidity. In general anthuriums like to be over 50%, and sometimes a lot more. See these guides for more precise info on humidity for your anthuriums, depending on type: Anthurium Warocqueanum, Anthurium Luxurians Care, Anthurium Villenaorum, and all our anthurium articles can be found in our anthurium category here.

Old Age

Sometimes leaves just die of old age, so if the plant is otherwise healthy do not worry too much!


Plants can be stressed or go into shock for a number of reasons, for example repotting them or moving them to a new spot in the home with different light or temperature. If they go through a change like this they should acclimatize soon enough as long as their basic care requirements are met and will be ok soon.

Anthurium Warocqueanum Yellow Leaves

The most common reason for yellow leaves on a queen anthurium is over watering. Make sure the plant is in well draining soil and do not over water it! See our full guide to the Anthurium Warocqueanum / Queen Anthurium.

Why Are My Anthurium Flowers Turning Brown?

Anthurium flowers turn brown for a number of reasons, including sun burn, fertilizer burn and just old age (they will die off eventually). If it is just the flowers turning brown then it is most likely they are just dyeing off. Check the reasons for yellowing we mentioned above too, as they are the same that cause browning.

Anthurium Leaves Curling

Leaf curling is most commonly due to lack of moisture or humidity, these plants need to be over 50% humidity most of the time. Make sure you don’t underwater too as it will contribute to the issue.

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Yellow Leaves On Anthurium
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