• Pilea Black Spots
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    Pilea Black Spots

    We run down solutions and remedies to pilea black spots and other common issues… Pilea Black Spots (With Fixes To Common Issues) Pileas get black spots when they are overwatered and/or do not get enough sun. Pileas can be really sensitive to overwatering, so add in a bout 20% perlite to your potting mix to ensure they drain well, and only water it when the soil is dry all the way down (you can check it with your finger once a week). After watering, tip out all the water from the external container, don’t let the plant sit in soggy soil. Pileas like bright indirect sunlight, so give it as…

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  • Yellow Leaves On Anthurium
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    Yellow Leaves On Anthurium

    Our guide to yellow leaves on anthurium and similar issues. Read on for how to resolve them... Reasons for yellow leaves on an anthurium are: Over watering The main reason for yellowing leaves is over watering. If you’ve overwatered it (or maybe have), take the plant out of its soil and check the roots. If they are white you are ok, but if they are brown then root rot could well be setting in. Let the plant dry out for a few hours before potting up in dry soil. You can cut off the yellow leaves too, as long as they’re are some good ones left. It’s a good idea…

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  • Is Philodendron Poisonous To Dogs
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    Is Philodendron Poisonous To Dogs?

    Is philodendron poisonous to dogs? Philodendrons contain some toxins, we run down all you need to know… Is A Philodendron Poisonous To Dogs? (And Other Pet Questions) Philodendrons are mildly poisonous to dogs. If eaten they can hurt your dogs lips and tongue and cause vomiting, as well as swelling in the mouth. The toxin is called calcium oxalate and occurs in a lot of houseplants. They are not toxic to the touch unless the sap gets on skin, which can cause irritation. (Source). See also: Philodendron Black Cardinal, Philodendron Rio, Philodendron Mamei Care, Philodendron Sodiroi. What Part Of The Philodendron Is Poisonous? All parts of a philodendron are poisonous,…

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  • How To Get Rid Of Fungus Gnats
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    How To Get Rid Of Fungus Gnats

    The key to dealing with a fungus gnat infestation is to understand that the adults and young should be treated separately with different measures at the same time, and for the life cycle of the gnats and you will end the infestation… Introduction Has your plant lost it’s mojo due to some pesky fungus gnats?! This means war! Welcome to our guide to how to get rid of fungus gnats. No one wants a fungus gnat infestation, here we run down how to get rid of them and some frequently asked questions. What Are Fungus Gnats? So, a bit about fungus gnats… Fungus gnats is a group name for different…

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  • How To Get Rid Of Scale Insects
    Houseplant Pests and Problems

    How To Get Rid Of Scale Insects

    Introduction Welcome to our guide to how to get rid of scale insects. These pests can damage plants, but are relatively easily taken care of when correctly troubleshot, we’ll go into more detail below. What Are Scale Insects? Scale insects are round white small insects that colonize leaves by attaching to them at the mouth. They live in the soil and on the leaves. They can be difficult to get rid of as they have a protective cover that means most treatments don’t affect them. Where Do Scale Insects Come From? Scale insects crawl on to your plant, so they often come from bringing an infected plant home. How To…

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  • How To Get Rid Of Aphids
    Houseplant Pests and Problems

    How To Get Rid Of Aphids

    Aphids are a nasty pest but they can be really easy to treat… Introduction Welcome to our guide to how to get rid of aphids. Don’t worry they are relatively easy to treat… Where Do Aphids Come From? Aphids can fly, but not very well, so they mainly come from other plants you bring into your home, or occasionally they can come in through the window. What Damage Do Aphids Do To Plants? Aphids drain sap from leaves which slows the plant’s growth and can even kill it eventually. How To Get Rid Of Aphids It is no too difficult to treat your plants, but you will need to do…

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  • Mealybugs On Plants
    Houseplant Pests and Problems

    Mealybugs On Plants

    Introduction Welcome to our guide to dealing with mealybugs on plants. It can be tough to get rid of these little critters, but it is possible we’ll run down the best ways below… What Are Mealybugs? Mealybugs are a small white bug related to scale insects. They suck sap from the plants stems and leaves which can damage it. How To Get Rid Of Mealybugs On Plants The best way to get rid of a small amount of mealybugs is to get a cotton swab with soaked alcohol and rub the insects until they fall off. If you have a lot you can get buy some hydrogen peroxide and mix…

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  • Red Spider Mites
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    Red Spider Mites

    Introduction Welcome to our article on red spider mites we run down how best to eliminate these pests. Are Red Spider Mites Harmful To Humans? Red spider mites are not harmful to humans, other than being an annoyance. What Damage To Red Spider Mites Do? Red spider mites slowly eat away at leaves and eventually the leaves can die if the problem is not treated. How To Get Rid Of Red Spider Mites Spider mites are relatively easy to get rid. Firstly put some rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab and gently remove the spider mites from more infested areas of the plant. Then you can use a mixture of…

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  • How To Get Rid Of Thrips
    Houseplant Pests and Problems

    How To Get Rid Of Thrips

    Introduction Welcome to our guide to how to get rid of thrips. A thrip infestation can damage plants significantly, we’ll run down below the best way to deal with it. Where Do Thrips Come From? Thrips lay eggs in the soil, and can often come into your home from buying a new plant with thrips in the soil, or from outside. What Damage Do Thrips Cause? Thrips eat at the leaves of plants, and in small amounts the damage may not show, but in larger amounts leaves can die off and it is possible that the whole plant can die if not treated. How To Get Rid Of Thrips If…

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  • Banana Plant Care
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    Banana Plant Care

    Banana plants are easy to care for as long as you give them plenty of sunlight… Banana Plant Care Summary Light needs: Plenty of indirect sunlight, and some direct if you can. Watering needs: Water when the top two inches or 5cm has dried out, check it once a week. Fertilizer: Feed once a month in summer with a feed with NPK ratio of 8-10-8. Soil:  A really well draining soil, like a cactus compost. Humidity: They like humidity, mist them 2 or 3 times a week. Temperature: 15°C-27°C (59-81°F). Where to buy: Try our list of Rare Plant Shops. Other names: Musa. Common issues: Root rot and overwatering. Introduction…

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