How To Get Rid Of Scale Insects
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How To Get Rid Of Scale Insects


Welcome to our guide to how to get rid of scale insects. These pests can damage plants, but are relatively easily taken care of when correctly troubleshot, we’ll go into more detail below.

What Are Scale Insects?

Scale insects are round white small insects that colonize leaves by attaching to them at the mouth. They live in the soil and on the leaves. They can be difficult to get rid of as they have a protective cover that means most treatments don’t affect them.

Where Do Scale Insects Come From?

Scale insects crawl on to your plant, so they often come from bringing an infected plant home.

How To Get Rid Of Scale Insects?

An easy method is to put some water in a spray bottle with a little washing up soap and spray your plants and the soil. Then use a cotton swab to get rid of the insects. Do this twice a week until the infestation has gone, and follow up once a week for the next month to be sure.

You can also buy a commercially available insecticide and use it in the same way a the soap solution.

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