Prayer Plant Leaf Curling
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Prayer Plant Leaf Curling

Both calatheas and marantas are commonly referred to as prayer plants, we will cover leaf curling for both these types of plants as the root causes are the same and they are very similar plants.

Prayer Plant Leaves Curling

Prayer plants get curling leaves when they lack moisture. Normally it is due to lack of humidity, they need 50% or more as a minimum. You are best to put them in humid room or near a humidifier. If not you can put them on top of a wet pebble tray to increase the ambient humidity around the plant. Sometimes the curling leaves can be due to a lack water – so make sure you are watering the plant well.

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Prayer Plant Leaves Curling And Turning Yellow or Brown

Leaf browning and yellowing can be due to under or overwatering. But if the leaves are curling too then it is likely a lack of water or lack of humidity issue.

Prayer Plant Leaves Curling At Night

Prayer plants can curl up slightly at night and re-open again when the sun rises. It is very normal and nothing to worry about.

Why Do Prayer Plant Leaves Fold Up At Night?

Plant leaves folding up at night stops moisture sitting in them and fungus or pests developing.

Can Prayer Plant Leaves Uncurl?

Prayer plants uncurl when they regain the moisture in the leaves.

Should I Mist My Prayer Plant?

You need to keep your marantas and calatheas humid, the best way is by keeping them in a humid room or with a humidifier, but if not you can use wet pebble tray under them or mist them.

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Prayer Plant Leaf Curling
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