Calathea Beauty Star
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Calathea Beauty Star

Welcome to our calathea beauty star care guide. The key to getting the best out of it is to keep their environment constant and humid…

Calathea Beauty Star Care Summary

Light needs:Bright indirect sunlight.
Watering needs:Let the top 50% of soil dry out, before watering again, check weekly.
Fertilizer:Use a balanced general fertilizer in the hotter growing months.
Soil:1 part perlite to 3 parts compost.
Humidity:50% or more.
Temperature:17-30°C (63-86°F).
Where to buy:Try our list of Rare Plant Shops.
Common issues:Leaf curling due to low water or humidity levels.


This is a great looking houseplant, and as long as you pay close attention to a few care aspects it will do well in most homes…

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Light Needs

Give it medium to bright indirect sunlight, and no direct sun.

How Often To Water

Let the top 50% of soil dry out, before watering again. So the soil is kept moist but not wet. Check it weekly, or even twice weekly in hot temperatures.


You don’t need to feed your calatheas, but they will grow quicker if you do, use a balanced general fertilizer in the hotter growing months.


Calatheas like moist soil but not soggy, so give them a well draining compost. You can add perlite to aid drainage (1 part perlite to 3 parts compost).

When To Repot

They can get stressed when repotting so only repot when absolutely necessary, and only up one size. Check them in early spring o see if they are getting crowded.


50% or more is ideal, so mist them regularly if the humidity is low.


Aim for a range of 17-30°C (63-86°F), just don’t let them get too cold in winter, and keep the temperature as stable as possible.

Calathea Beauty Star Curling

Calathea beauty star leaves curl up when they lack moisture, so it could be due to underwatering or lack of humidity. Up both of these and you should be ok. It is really normal for calatheas to curl up when humidity drops, so give your plants a pebble bath or regular misting.

Calathea Beauty Star Leaves Drooping

Calatheas can droop when not watered enough. They like to keep moist, do not let them dry out.

Calathea Beauty Star Leaves Turning Brown

Calatheas leaves can brown from too much or too little watering. They can also brown from hard water or fertilizer burn. Calatheas in particular are sensitive to hard tap water, so always water them with filtered tap water if you can.

Calathea Beauty Star Vs Ornata

The beauty star is a type of calathea orntata, they are not separate plants.

Calathea Beauty Star Vs Pinstripe

The beauty star and calathea pinstripe are both types of calathea ornata. The normal pinstripe has less light green on it, it is pink pinstripes on dark green but the beauty start has light green dashes on it too..

Calathea Beauty Star Losing Pink

The pink color can sometimes become paler when given too much sun light. If you move it back from the window it should get its color back.

Where To Buy

Try our list of Rare Plant Shops or Etsy.

FAQs And Common Problems

Leaf curling due to low water or humidity levels is a big issue with calatheas, so keep it humid!

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Calathea Beauty Star
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