Prayer Plant Propagation In Soil
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Prayer Plant Propagation In Soil

Welcome to my step by step guide to prayer plant propagation in soil, with pictures of my plant and step by step instructions. We cover all you need to know.

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Some of my prayer plants chopped up and ready to propagate.
Some of my prayer plants chopped up and ready to propagate. You can see the cut was taken below the node on each one.

How To Propagate A Prayer Plant In Soil

Prayer plants are quick growing and quick to root, making them a great plant to propagate.

Follow these steps to propagate a prayer plant in soil:

  1. Take a cutting with 2 leaves if possible and a node (the wider part of the stem that the leaves grow from). You can take multiple cuttings at a time.
  2. Wait a couple of hours for the wounds to seal over so they don’t get rot so easily.
  3. Then plant the cuttings in soil as deep as you can without letting the leaves touch the soil.
  4. Water it. Then let the water drain off for a few minutes so the soil is not soaking.
  5. Put the cutting and pot in a plastic bag. The bag should cover the whole plant and pot, but leave it open. This way the humidity rises, which will help rooting, but some air can move and you won’t get as many problems with rot.
  6. Keep it in bright but indirect sunlight, and make sure it is warm and humid. Check the soil weekly and keep it moist but not soggy. In a month or so it should be well rooted and in 3 months you should see growth from the top of the plant. At this point you can remove the bag and treat it as a normal plant.
Some of my prayer plants in soil
Some of my prayer plants in soil, ready for sale.

Prayer Plant Propagation In Soil – frequently asked questions

Can You Propagate A Prayer Plant From A Leaf

You cannot propagate a prayer plant with a single leaf, you will need at least one node as this is where the cutting will root from.

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