Can Snake Plants Live Outside
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Can Snake Plants Live Outside?


Can snake plants live outside? Welcome to our concise guide covering all you need to know about snake plants (aka dracaena trifasciata) living and thriving outdoors.

Can Snake Plant Survive Winter Outside?

Snake plants can live out doors as long as it does not get down to freezing. You’ll need to bring them indoors when temperatures drop that low. I have known mine to survive some freezing temperatures as a one off but not for more than a few days. The bigger the plants, the better they can survive colder temperatures, and if they do get damaged the chance of them growing back is increased the larger they are.

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Is Snake Plant Indoor Or Outdoor?

Snake plants do well outdoors, just make sure you bring them in if it freezes. Bring them indoors if temperatures are expected to drop beow freezing.

What USDA Zone Are They?

Snake plants can live outside in zones 9-11.

When Can I Put My Snake Plant Outside?

When the temperature is above freezing consistently you can put the plant outside.

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Should I Acclimatize My Plant When Putting It Outside?

Snake plants are really tough succulent, but they can still get sunburn. They can become gradually more tolerant to direct sun if exposed to it slowly over time. So the best thing to do is to put the plant outdoors but in a spot where it only gets early morning or late afternoon sun. Then move the plant a every few day or each week to spot with slightly more direct sun. This way they will get used to it and the chances of burning are much less. Keep an eye on the plant and move it back if it looks like the sun is too much for it.

Sunburnt Snake plant
Here’s one of my snake plant propagations which I left outside in full sun, you can see the sun damage to one of the leaves.

What Temperature Can A Snake Plant Tolerate?

Snake plants can tolerate anywhere from 0°C to 35°C (32-95°F), but the best range for them is 10°C to 25°C (50-77°F).

Can Snake Plants Live Outside In Florida?

Yes they can grow outside all year in Florida.

Can Snake Plants Live Outside In Summer?

Snake plants can survive outside in most places for the summer, as long as you don’t get frosts.

Where Should I Keep My Snake Plant?

Keep your snake plants in a south facing window ideally. But they can do well in lower light areas and even outside in some direct sun too, they are tolerant to a lot of different conditions, just do not over water them!

How Long Does A Snake Plant Live?

Snake plants can live up to 25 years, with average age much lower, less than 10 years. They put out so many pups over that time that they will replace themselves, so you don’t need to worry about the plant falling over one day from old age!

Can Snake Plants Be In Direct Sunlight?

Snake plants can handle direct sunlight, but it is much better if it is early or later in the day and not full on midday sun for long periods of time which will likely burn the plants.

Can Snake Plant Survive Without Sunlight?

Snake plants can tolerate low light conditions, but do best in medium to bright indirect sun. They cannot survive long term without any light.

How Tall Do Snake Plants Grow Outside?

Some snake plants can grow up to 2.5 meters (8 feet) outside, but a meter (3 feet or so) is usually the maximum for most types of sansevieria.

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Can Snake Plants Live Outside?
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