How Often Watering Succulents
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How Often – Watering Succulents

So how often should I water my succulents I hear you say? The key to watering a succulent is not to water it to a regular schedule, but to check it on a schedule and only water it if it meets a few requirements which are easy to check for…

Key Points To Watering Succulents

  • Check your plants soil once a week with your finger and only water them if the soil is totally dry. This way you won’t over or underwater them.
  • Do not just water your succulents on a schedule. You should check them to see if they need watering on a schedule, but only water them if the soil is dry.
  • When you do need to water the plant: drench the soil so it is totally wet. Let the water drain through the plant to it’s external container and then empty the excess water out so that the plant does not sit in water at all and can drain well.
  • Use a well draining cactus and succulent mix.
  • Make sure the pot has very good drainage holes.
  • Try not to get the plant’s leaves or stems too wet when watering if you can help it.
  • Be careful when the temperature drops as the plant will need less water – just make sure you check the soil with your finger before watering.


So how often should I water my succulents I hear you say? Look no further, here is our ultimate guide…

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How Often Do Succulents Need Watering?

Succulents do not need water on a schedule like every week or every few days. They need watering when the soil dries out. So the absolute best thing to do is to check the plant regularly.

Be careful of seasons and temperature, succulents need more water in the hotter months than in the colder months. In fact many succulents go almost dormant in winter and will need much, much less water. So you need to be really careful that you do not over water when the temperature drops at the end of the summer when you’re used to giving them a lot of water and you run the risk of overwatering them.

Only water them when they’re dry.

How Do I Know If My Succulent Needs Water?

Put your finger into the soil as far down as possible and only water the plant if the soil is dry all the way down. As said before, but we’ll say it again as this is one of the biggest killers of succulents: you’ll need to water less often in winter when succulents growth slows down, and more in the warmer summer months when the plant needs more water.

How Often - Watering Succulents

What’s The Best Way To Water A Succulent?

The best way to water a succulent is to totally soak the soil, but then let the plant drain out. If the plant pot is inside another container, do not let it sit in water, empty the water out of the external pot.

Do You Water Succulents From The Top Or Bottom?

Water succulents from the top, just try to avoid getting much water on the leaves.

Should You Mist Succulents?

You should not mist succulents with water, they do not need it and in fact it can cause them problems with rot on the leaves.

Succulent Drainage

Drainage is really important for succulents, both the soil and the pot should be well draining so that the plant does not get water logged as succulents can be prone to root rot.


The soil should have plenty of drainage material, so use a designated cactus and succulent compost to allow the plant to drain well. You can mix your own succulent soil with 50% normal potting compost, 30% sand and 20% perlite.


A succulent should be in a pot with drainage holes at the bottom so that water can drain out of it. Do not put it in a pot without any drainage holes as it will vastly increase the chance of root rot and other over watering issues.

How To Water Succulents Without Drainage Holes?

If you have a succulent in a container without drainage holes the best thing to do is to drill holes in the bottom of pot, as succulents absolutely do not want to sit in waterlogged soil or they can rot. If you cannot make holes in it, then be really careful of overwatering and check the soil all the way down before watering again.

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How Often - Watering Succulents

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