Is Philodendron Poisonous To Dogs
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Is Philodendron Poisonous To Dogs?

Is philodendron poisonous to dogs? Philodendrons contain some toxins, we run down all you need to know…

Is A Philodendron Poisonous To Dogs? (And Other Pet Questions)

Philodendrons are mildly poisonous to dogs. If eaten they can hurt your dogs lips and tongue and cause vomiting, as well as swelling in the mouth. The toxin is called calcium oxalate and occurs in a lot of houseplants. They are not toxic to the touch unless the sap gets on skin, which can cause irritation. (Source).

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What Part Of The Philodendron Is Poisonous?

All parts of a philodendron are poisonous, as they all have calcium oxalate in them.

Will Philodendron Kill Dogs?

Philodendrons cause vomiting in dogs but should not kill them. If your pet does ingest any you should seek a vets advice immediately.

Is Philodendron Toxic To Humans?

Yes, if eaten philodendrons will cause swelling of the mouth and possibly vomiting due to the calcium oxalate. If you get sap on your skin, wash it off and you should be fine.

Will Philodendron Kill A Cat?

It is unlikely that a philodendron will kill a cat even if ingested, but seek a vets advice if your cat eats the plant as it does contain toxins.

What Happens If You Eat A Philodendron?

Eating a philodendron can cause swelling of the mouth and even vomiting. Do not do it!

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Is Philodendron Poisonous To Dogs?
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