How To Get Pothos To Branch

How To Get Pothos To Branch?

Welcome to our guide to getting a pothos to branch. They normally grow in one long stem, but it is possible to encourage them to branch out with various techniques.

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How To Get Pothos To Branch

Pothos in general grows in long thin stems and does not branch. You need to take a cutting from the plant, then wait until it grows back to encourage branching.

I mark the cut site with a wire tie so that I know which node I cut as they can look very different after it grows back. I marked this one with a red tie.

Sometimes it will branch out when it grows back, if it does not, you can repeat the process – cut it back and wait for it to grow. It should eventually branch out. Once you see two growth points, let the plant grow out naturally into two branches.

Step 1:

How To Get Pothos To Branch

Step 2:

How To Get Pothos To Branch

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How To Get Pothos To Branch

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