Philodendron Soil
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Philodendron Soil


Philodendrons like a loose, airy and well draining soil mix, they can get root rot easily and do not want to get waterlogged. Using a standar mix is not ideal for them but hte good news is that it is easy to mix your own.

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DIY Philodendron Soil Mix Recipe

A good, cheap mix for philodendrons is orchid bark, perlite, and a standard potting compost in equal measures. This is a great standard aroid mix, and I use this on most of my plants that are in soil. Mix them well are you are ready to go. I use this loads.

If you want a more premium soil, use this recipe:

The worm castings will add a richness to the soil and the coconut fiber helps to get air to the roots, as well as retain moisture without water-logging.

Best Philodendron Soil On Amazon Or Etsy

If you want to buy a ready to go soil, sometimes you see a good aroid mix on Amazon, I prefer Etsy, they have some great bespoke premium aroid soils that really suit philodendrons, try here.

Philodendron Soil pH

pH 4.5 – 6.0 is ideal for a philodendron.

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Philodendron Soil
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