Philodendron Dark Lord
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Philodendron Dark Lord

In this guide we run down how to get the best out of your philodendron dark lord…

Philodendron Dark Lord Summary

Light needs:Medium indirect sunlight is ideal.
Watering needs:Check soil once a week and water if top 50% is dry.
Fertilizer:A balanced fertilizer every 2 or 3 weeks in summer.
Soil:A well draining potting compost.
Humidity:50% and above.
Temperature:16-28°C (61-82°F).
Where to buy:Try one of these Rare Plant Shops.
Common issues:Over and underwatering.


Dark, triangular leaves give this impressive philodendron its name, and it has dark burgundy undersides of it’s dark green leaves as well as dark red stems. The new leaves grow a dark purply green and then harden off into a lush dark green hue. These are very decorative houseplants if you love those dark hues.

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Philodendron Dark Lord Light Needs

Medium indirect sunlight is ideal. A bit above and below will be fine, they are fairly tolerant. They will grow faster in higher amounts of light, no direct sun though.

How Often to Water

Check it once a week and water if top 50% is dry. Do not over water this plant or let it sit in water – make sure the excess water drains off. This is one area where you have to be careful with philodendrons to avoid root rot. The plant is really quite easy to look after if you get this bit right.

Tip: tip out any excess water ten minutes after you water the plant, so that it does not sit in waterlogged soil which can easily lead to root rot.

Philodendron Dark Lord Fertilizer

A balanced fertilizer every 2 or 3 weeks in the summer growing months is ideal to encourage quicker and fuller growth.


A well draining potting compost is best as it will reduce the risk of root rot. You don’t want the roots to sit in overly wet soil for too long.

For more on Philodendron soil see our guide on what to buy or how to make your own: Philodendron Soil.

When To Repot

Repot as soon as it becomes root bound, and in any case do it every two years to refresh the soil.

Philodendron Dark Lord Humidity

50% and above is great for a dark lord. This is towards the higher end of normal homes, so consider misting them every other day or so.


16-28°C (61-82°F) is the recommended temperature range. They do well in most homes, just don’t let them get too cold in the winter from draughts.

How To Propagate Philodendron Dark Lord

Here’s how propagate your dark lord:

  1. Take a cutting with one leaf and at least and one node.
  2. Let it callous over and the wound to heal for at least 2 hours.
  3. Put the cutting in a cup of water-soaked sphagnum moss.
  4. Put it in a warm and bright spot in your house but out of direct sunlight.
  5. Be patient and wait for it to root, it can take anywhere from one month to three.
  6. Once it is rooted well it will produce growth from the top of the plant, and then you can pot it up into soil.

This is a really easy process, just keep an eye out of any rot or mold and you should get a really high success rate. You want to keep the humidity high, like 70% if you can during propagation, so you could consider putting the whole pot and cutting in a plastic bag or box to really get the humidity up.

Other Names

Philodendron Black Lord, Philodendron Erubescens Dark Lord.

Where To Buy

Try our list of Rare Plant Shops.

FAQs and Common Problems

Be careful of over and underwatering, but this is a tolerant and fairly easy plant to look after. Make sure the soil is mostly dried out before watering again and you should avoid the common root rot issues.

Philodendron Dark Lord Vs Black Cardinal

The leaves of the dark lord are more pointed than the black cardinal, which has more rounded leaves.

Philodendron Dark Lord Vs Bloody Mary

The bloody mary is very similar to the dark lord but isn’t as dark.

Philodendron Black Knight Vs Dark Lord

The black knight is similar to the dark lord but has less pronounced points to it leaf-ends.

Philodendron Dark Lord Vs Red Emerald

They both have similar leave shapes but the red emerald has red stems, and much greener leaves than the dark lord. The dark lord has darker red stems and a more leathery texture to its leaves.

Philodendron Dark Lord
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