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Pothos Varieties

Welcome to our guide to pothos varieties, we run down all you need to know about this popular plant genus…

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How Many Types Of Pothos Are There?

There are at least 20 cultivars of epipremnum aureum that are sold on the market, and this will increase as growers and breeders develop more strains. Often companies patent a cultivar, like Manjula pothos which was developed and patented by the University of Florida. There are also other epipremnums like the epipremnum pinnatum (cebu blue) that make the list of pothos huge! There are likely to be more too as plant breeders get to work on producing more cultivars.

There are more scindapsus varieties too, but although many are referred to as pothos, they are not technically pothos, as they are not in the epipremnum genus, more on that later.

How Do I Identify My Pothos?

You can identify your pothos fairly easily by looking at the amount and the pattern of the variegation. The most common pothos is the golden pothos with little steaks of variegation on it.

What Is The Rarest Pothos?

At the moment the harlequin pothos and jessenia are really rare and difficult to get. The harlequin is similar to the manjula in looks. The jessenia is like a variegated lemon and lime pothos and will probably become really in demand as it looks amazing!

Pothos Varieties Explained…

Here are a few popular pothos varieties that you’ll see for sale, and how to tell them apart:

Jade Pothos

The jade pothos is probably the most basic of all pothos varieties – each leaf is dark green in color.

Pothos Varieties - jade
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Golden Pothos

The golden pothos is one of the most popular houseplants, certainly where I live, it is sold everywhere! It is known for it’s flecks of yellowy variegation on dark green leaves.

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Pothos Varieties - golden pothos
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Glacier Pothos

The glacier pothos is similar to the pearls and jade pothos, but has more green blobs inside the variegated areas, and the glacier is slightly more silvery-gray in color. This is real beauty.

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Pothos Varieties - glacier pothos
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Manjula Pothos

The manjula pothos has wide droplet shaped leaves with big swathes of variegated green, cream and white tones. It is patented by the University of Florida who produced it originally.

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Pothos Varieties - manjula
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Marble Queen Pothos

The marble queen is a beautifully variegated plant with lots of white on it, with speckled green variegations on bright white/cream, and speckled white variegated on green leaves. It is a naturally occurring plant from the South Pacific. You can buy it in most rare houseplant shops from time to time.

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Pothos Varieties - Marble Queen
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Pearls and Jade Pothos

The pearl and jade pothos was originally produced by the University of Florida who also patented it. The leaf shapes are a bit wider and gnarlier than normal pothos varieties and it has a mottled green and white variegation.

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Pothos Varieties - pearls and jade
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N’Joy Pothos

The n’joy has green and creamy white variegations without much speckling but big areas of each color with uneven borders between the variegated areas. This is a beautiful plant that really stands out on a shelf and demands attention!

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Pothos Varieties - njoy
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Neon Pothos

This is one of my favorite plants, my one is pictured below. The color of the leaves is so striking that it dominates the room. You have to make sure it gets the right amount of light to keep the leaves bright but not burnt and other than that it is a really easy to care for plant.

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Pothos Varieties - neon

Cebu Blue

A relative new-comer in popularity is the cebu blue, which is not an epipremnum aureum but it is still part of the same genus so we are including it! It is a epipremnum pinnatum. It is a bluey color with pointed leaves, slight bigger than a normal pothos and when it gets old it get fenestrations (splits in it’s leaves like a monstera). You can see in the picture below how awesome it is an why it is in such high demand.

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Pothos Varieties - cebu blue
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Are Pothos And Scindapsus The Same?

Technically pothos and scindapus are not the same, pothos plants are epipremnum aureum, and scindapsus are part of a totally different genus, called scindapsus.
They used to be all called scindapsus, so some older plant information, especially in Europe sometimes group the pothos under the scindapsus genus and pothos used to be called scindapsus aureum.


There are some great scindapsus plants out there and they are often categorized in with pothos plants, The satin pothos and scindapsus treubii moonlight are my favorites.

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manjula pothos vs njoy

These two pothos are very similar but the joy has whiter white parts and greener green parts, the pearls and jade is more creamy.

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Manjula Pothos
Manjula Pothos

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