Neon Pothos
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Neon Pothos Care

Neon pothos are a hardy and easy to look after houseplant, just give them plenty of light to keep the color in those leaves. The key is to give it plenty of light to encourage those colors, but not too much that the color burns or bleaches out.

Neon Pothos Care Summary

Light needs:The Neon Pothos needs a good amount of indirect sunlight to maintain it’s brilliant color. 
Watering needs:Let the plant dry out between waterings then soak it. 
Fertilizer:It is not necessary to feed it, but if you like tou can fertilize once a month or so in the growing season, but don’t in winter. 
Soil:Rich, well draining
Humidity:These plants do well across the normal household humidity range.
Temperature:Normal household temperature range, just don’t let them get cold or drafty in summer.
Where to buy:Try our list of Rare Plant Shops.
Other names:Epipremnum neon
Common issues:The bright neon color can fade if not given enough light.

Neon Pothos Care

The neon pothos is a bright and vibrant plant that adds a beautiful light green glow to your space, it is one of my favorites and let’s face it this is an amazing plant! The great news is that it is not fussy and relatively easy to care for. We cover everything you need to know in our Neon Pothos Care Guide..

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Neon Pothos Light Needs

The Neon Pothos needs a good amount of indirect sunlight to maintain it’s brilliant color. Be careful of direct sunlight though as this pothos can burn easily, it needs a lot of light but not too much! The leaves will bleach out and fade a lot if given too much direct sun. Off to the side of a bright window is a great place for them.

Tip: give them as much light as you can without any direct sun as they can burn in direct, but will close their color if they don’t get enough. Off of the side of a south facing window is a great spot for them.

Neon Pothos Design/Display Tips

The plant is such a great color, it just needs to show it off. I take cuttings of mine and put them in water around the kitchen, it looks great against our grey kitchen surfaces.

Neon Pothos Propagation in leca
Some of my neon pothos propagations in leca

How Often to Water Neon Pothos

Let the plant dry out between waterings then soak it. This should be about once a week in hotter months and probably every 10 days in colder ones. Check it once a week with your finger.


I hardly ever fertilize mine, it is such a low maintenance plant, and I just let it get on with itself to be honest! You can fertilize neon pothos once a month or so in the growing season, but don’t in winter. Use a multipurpose house plant fertilizer but dilute it more than normal with a bit too much water as pothos can be sensitive to fertilizer burn.

Technical, Trend and Price Info

Habitat And General Info

Genus/Species: Genus: Epipremnum. Species: E. aureum (source).

Natural Habitat: The Solomon Islands (source).

Zones: 9-11 (source).

Max Size and Spread (and time to get to that size): Ultimate height 4-8 meters. Ultimate spread 1-1.5 meters. Time to ultimate height 10-20 years (source) .

Are they toxic to pets?: Toxic to dogs and cats (source).


Taken September 2021, showing the last 5 years of worldwide Google search traffic.

Source: Google Trends

Price Data

Europe: 20 Euros. USA: 25-30 USD.

(Prices taken from Etsy and Ebay sellers, September 2021, for a full plant).

Social Demand

Instagram Trend: 58215 uses of tag #neonpothos.

(Count taken September 2021).


No patent data found.

Please note: Although every effort has been made to provide complete and accurate information, we cannot take responsibility for any error or omissions in the information.

small neon pothos cutting with root
neon pothos in water

Neon Pothos Soil 

Neon pothos like a well-draining mix. They do not want to get water logged which leads to root rot. You can always add some perlite for drainage if you like.


These plants do well in dry households and humid ones, across the normal humidity range.  You can give them a misting when you water them if you like, but it is better to give them ambient humidity by keeping them with other plants, or in a humid room.

Neon Pothos Temperature

Normal household temperature is fine for neon pothos plants. Just don’t let it burn in the sun or get a really cold draft on it for too long. 

How to Propagate a Neon Pothos

A neon pothos can be propagated easily by taking a cutting that includes a node and placing it in room temperature water until the roots look healthy. Then it can be potted up into a standard well draining soil.  See our Pothos Propagation article too.

See our other neon pothos guides: Neon Pothos Propagation In Leca, Neon Pothos Propagation In Water, Variegated Neon Pothos.

One of my neon pothos growing in leca
One of my neon pothos growing in leca

Where To Buy A Neon Pothos

Neon Pothos crops up from time to time on most good houseplant sites and shops aswell as Etsy, we also ran down some of the best best rare plant shops in our list of Rare Plant Shops.

Neon Pothos Vs Neon Philodendron

The best way to tell the difference is that the philodendron has heart shaped leaves.

Neon Pothos FAQs and Common Issues

As part of this neon pothos care guide I’ll cover some common issues with the neon pothos are over watering, and leaves losing brightness due to not enough light.  You can always get a grow light over winter if you need, there are some really inexpensive ones about at the moment.

Just be careful not to give it too much light, if it gets lots of midday sun it can burn the leaves or discolor them slightly. 

neon pothos care
neon cutting
Neon Pothos USDA Zone

They should be ok outside if you live in zones 10-12.

Other Names for Neon Pothos

The scientific name for the neon pothos is epipremnum aureum neon, they are also know simply as neon pothos plant, as well as epipremnum neon.

Are Neon Pothos Toxic To Cats?

Neon pothos is toxic to both dogs and cats if ingested. Seek vets advice.

Why Is My Neon Pothos Turning Yellow?

Neon pothos can fade if not given enough light, but can also be sunburned which can burn the leaves into a beached out yellow color. So check the light levels – make sure it is getting plenty of indirect sunlight, but no direct sun.

Why Is My Neon Pothos Turning Green?

If the neon color is fading and new foliage is a greener color, move your plant so it gets more light (but no direct sunlight).

Do Neon Pothos Like To Be Root Bound?

They do not like to be root bound, but will tolerate it. They will grow much better if given plenty of root space.

Do Neon Pothos Have Variegation?

They are not variegated, the beautiful neon color is not variegation, it is it’s normal leaf coloring. You can get sport variegation on a neon pothos though, mine have some darker green patches on them. So the neon color is not variegation, but they can be variegated.

Can Neon Pothos Become Variegated?

Yes, they can get a dark green sport variegation, here’s a picture of one below.Neon pothos sport variegation

Why Do Neon Pothos Revert?

Neon pothos lose their color when given too much or too little light. Don’t give them direct sunlight, but give the as much indirect sunlight as you can.

Why Are The Leaf Tips Turning Brown?

Leaf tips can brown due to too much fertilizer, or due to really hard water. They can be sensitive, so be careful, use filtered water and dilute fertilizer down.

Why Is It Losing It’s Neon Colour?

A neon pothos can lose it’s color if it is not getting enough light. If it is going slightly pale, then give it more indirect sunlight.

Can Neon Pothos Grow In Water? 

Yes, neon pothos can grow in water, you can take a cuttings and it will survive in water alone. Make sure there are no leaves under the water surface which can rot and cause the water to go cloudy and the plant to die. 

When to repot a neon pothos?

You can repot a neon pothos every few years to keep it growing bigger. A plant pot 5 cm or so bigger should be fine. Pro tip: take some cuttings a few weeks before and then plant them back in with the main plant when you repot it, to keep the plant bushy. Do the same if the plant is becoming leggy or getting too long, just cut the stems back and use them for propagations too

For more on variegation or sport variegation in neon pothos see our guide: Variegated Neon Pothos

Additional Resources

Buy: we recommend a digital thermometer hygrometer (amazon affiliate link) to measure humidity.

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The Neon Pothos is an easy to grow bright vine that can add a vibrant color to almost any room. It requires very little looking after and will thrive in most homes as long as it gets light and drainage.

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