Variegated Neon Pothos
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Variegated Neon Pothos

Welcome to our guide to the variegated neon pothos (and the sport variegation they can get sometimes) – they can get darker green patches on the leaves, which is not a very stable variegation, and seems to occur randomly. We cover all you need to know.

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variegated neon pothos

Variegated Neon Pothos

You can get variegation in a neon pothos, but it is not very stable at all. One leaf could be variegated and then you could not have any more variegation the plant for a year. So you do not see variegated neon pothos for sale, as you cannot really sell one as a stable variegated plant.

You can try to make it more stable by taking a cutting of the variegated part of the plant, and then hoping that you can breed the plant to a more stable variation by taking cuttings from only the variegated parts. Take cuttings from the variegated parts of that plant, and repeat the process. This works with variegated monsteras and philodendrons, but with a neon pothos the variegation can easily change from plant to plant or even leaf to leaf, so it unlikely you will breed a stable, well variegated neon pothos. Just enjoy the sport variegated leaves as they pop out!

What is Sport Variegation?

Sport variegation is a type of variegation that occurs as a one-off or freak mutation.

variegated neon pothos

Can You Encourage Variegation?

You can encourage variegation by giving the plant plenty of indirect sunlight, do not give it direct as a neon pothos can bleach out and lose its color if you give it too much direct sun.

variegated neon pothos - darker green on eh edge of the leaf

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