Can Philodendron Grow In Water?
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Can Philodendron Grow In Water?

Can philodendron grow in water? Yes they can, as long as you follow a few simple tips. We run down all you need to know…

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Can Philodendron Grow In Water?

Philodendron can grow in water alone, I have a few hederaceums that have been in water over two years. I water propagate lots of plants for sale and philodendrons do really well in water, I normally move them to soil after a month or so, but some I keep growing the water are on going as they look great with their roots on show.

I find most philodendrons do well in water, you can see below my paraiso verde propagations rooting in water.

philodendron paraiso verde growing in water
philodendron paraiso verde growing in water

Does It Need Fertilizer?

They do not need fertilizer, but will grow quicker if you feed them. You must use a much weaker solution that you would for soil plants or the plants will burn. You can use a proper semi-hydroponic / hydroponic feed or you can use a standard balanced plant feed that you would use for soil and put 3 times as much water with it than the instructions recommend.

Below are pics of some of my verrucosum water propagations, they do fine in water and they tend to root fairly quickly.

philodendron verrucosum growing in water
philodendron verrucosum growing in water

How To Grow Philodendron In Water

Take a cutting of your philodendron and make sure you get at least one leaf and one node. Then leave it for a few hours so the open wounds are sealed when you put them in water (as they can get rot more easily if open).

Put it in a jar of tap water making sure that the leaves are not wet as they can rot. Rot is basically your worst enemy as it will turn the water cloudy and spread to other cuttings.

Make sure it has some indirect sunlight but no direct. And the cuttings should root over the next few days. Keep the water topped up so the nodes are covered in water.

They will keep growing as the plant grows too, so if you keep them in water for a long time think about moving it to a bigger jar.

You can see some of my philodendron mameis in the image below, which grow happily in water alone.

philodendron mamei growing in water

Water Propagation Cloudy Water

Below is a picture of my philodendron white princess propagations, you can see that the water has turned cloudy. So I looked for rotting material in it and found one cutting had started to rot, so I pulled it out (pictured next to it).

water turning cloudy

Then afterwards I changed the water so it is clear again and I’ll keep an eye on it to see if it goes cloudy again.

philodendron white princess water propagation

Good luck 🙂

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