Can Syngonium Grow In Water
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Can Syngonium Grow In Water

Can syngonium grow in water? We run down all you need to know about using water as a growing medium. Syngoniums are really easy to propagate in water, and you can then keep them there indefinitely.

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Can Syngonium Grow In Water?

Syngonium are really quick to root in water and you can keep them there ongoing as long as you keep the water level topped up and keep an eye out for leaves rotting in it.

They are really quick growers and although plants grow slower in water it does not seem to matter so much with syngoniums as they grow so quickly anyway.

taking syngonium cuttings

How To Grow Syngonium In Water

You want to water propagate them by taking cuttings with one node and one or two leaves. Let them callous over for a few hours, then put them in a jar or cup of water.

taking syngonium cuttings in a jar

Once they have rooted you can keep them in the jar for a s long as you like. Just keep the levels topped up so the nodes are covered.

Syngonium Water Propagation - rooted

Does It Need Fertilizer?

You do not need to feed them but they will grow quicker if you do as they do not get the nutrients from water that they would get from soil. You can use a normal houseplant fertilizer but dilute it a lot more that you would for soil, I would put 3 times the amount of water in it than recommended on the packet, then use that to top the water up.

Syngonium Water Propagation - rooted

What To Do If The Water Turns Cloudy

If the water turns cloudy you need to change the water and check it to see if there is anything rotting in the water like a leaf that has fallen in or a cutting has turned rotten, then remove it.

can syngonium grow in water - a green syngonium growing a jar of water
can syngonium grow in water - the roots of a green syngonium growing a jar of water

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