How Fast Does Pothos Grow
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How Fast Does Pothos Grow?


We run down all you need to know about how fast pothos grow, as well as some frequently asked questions about growth rate and how they grow…

Do Pothos Grow Quickly?

Pothos grow really quickly. They can grow up to a centimeter a day (0.4 inches), in the warmer months and in ideal conditions. They can grow about 30cm (12 inches) each month if given the correct care.

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How Long Does It Take For Pothos To Grow Leaves?

Pothos can grow new leaves within two weeks or more. A new cutting will put most of their energy into growing new roots, then it will start to put out new foliage.

Are Pothos Slow Growing?

Pothos can be slow growing if in lower light conditions, and in winter when there are colder temperatures and less light. They are fast growing in the summer as long as their care requirements are met. For more, see our guide to pothos care.

How Do You Train A Pothos To Climb?

A pothos can be trained to climb, which can also encourage bigger leaves. A moss pole is easiest, as the pothos’s aerial roots can cling on it, but a bamboo stake or other trellis with do well too. You can use loose ties to help train the plant to the pole, just don’t tie them too tight. Once it takes to the pole it does not need tying on.

One of my pothos happy leaf
One of my pothos happy leaf

How Fast Does Pothos Grow In Water?

Pothos will grow well in water. If given a diluted fertilizer it will grow as fast as in soil, if not more in some cases. Even if you grow it in just water with no plant feed they can still grow relatively quickly.

How Fast Do Pothos Grow Indoors?

Pothos grow very well indoors and can grow a foot a month in ideal growth conditions.

Does Neon Pothos Grow Fast?

Neon pothos grow relatively quickly for a houseplant, no quite as quickly as an all dark-green pothos But they are still fast grower compared to most houseplants. Variegated pothos will grow slightly slower too, as the less dark-green chlorophyll the plant has, the less energy it can produce.

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How Fast Does Pothos Grow
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