How To Make Pothos Fuller
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How To Make Pothos Fuller


We run down all you need to know to make pothos fuller. We also cover issues like leggy stems and where to cut the plant for propagation.

How To Make Pothos Fuller

The best way to make a pothos fuller is to propagate the longer stems, and then plant them back in with the main plant.

Follow these steps:

  1. Cut off one or more of the longer stems.
  2. Then trim the sections into pieces with one node and one leaf each.
  3. Put the cuttings in a jar of water to root so that the nodes are under the water but the leaves are not.
  4. Keep the cuttings in a warm place with indirect sunlight but no direct.
  5. Once they have roots, after a month or so, plant the cuttings back in the original pot with the main plant.
  6. They will then grow out into longer stems and the plant will be much fuller and bushier.

How To Fix A Leggy Pothos

Pothos can often become leggy due to too low light conditions. The remedy is to move them closer to a source of light. If you cannot do this, you can propagate your plant so you have two, keep one in the low light position and one nearer a window, then swap them once a week at watering time. This way the plants should be ok and grow fuller.

If you have long leggy stems on your pothos with sparse leaves on them, you can cut them off and propagate them into stem cuttings in water. Then pot them back up in the main pot to make it much fuller (see our step by step instructions above).

See also: Pothos Plant Care.

Where To Cut Pothos

The best place to cut a pothos is between the nodes. The nodes are the wider ‘knuckles’ on the stems that leaves grow from. When you propagate the cuttings the plant roots will grow from them too. When you cut the stem you want to cut the thin part of it, between the nodes.

For more on propagating pothos see our guide: Pothos Propagation.

How To Make My Satin Pothos Fuller

You can make a satin pothos fuller by taking stem cuttings, rooting them in water, then planting them back in with the main plant to make it bushier. If you have any leggy stems, use those for cuttings as it will make the plant look much fuller. If there are leggy stems, consider moving the plant closer to the window to get a bit more light too.

For more info on this, you can follow the step by step instructions above, they are the same as for a normal pothos.

See also our guide to Satin Pothos Care.

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How To Make Pothos Fuller
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