Pothos Leaves Curling
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Pothos Leaves Curling


A common issue with pothos is leaf curling, we run down the issues and how to remedy them in this concise guide…

Pothos Leaves Curling

There are 4 main causes of pothos leaf curling:

  • underwatering
  • overwatering (and root rot)
  • pests (like mealy bugs)
  • burn (from sun or too much fertilizer)

The best way to remedy all these is to make sure your plant is out of direct sun, and then check your plants every week to see if it needs watering (only water it if the sail is half dry), and at the same time each week check the plant for pests. This way you won’t over or underwater the plant and you can catch and treat an infestation before it takes hold.

When fertilizing a pothos make sure the feed is really well diluted to avoid burn. You can gradually increase the dose after that.

Pothos Leaves Curling And Turning Yellow

If leaves are turning yellow as well as curling you need to check the soil to determine the issue, and if it is wet then the plant is most probably suffering from root rot. If it is dry then the problem is most likely underwatering, which is easy to remedy with a good soaking. If it is over watering, you need to take the plant out of it’s pot and trim off the brown rotten roots, and let the roots dry for a few hours, then pot it up in drier soil.

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Pothos Leaves Curling
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